Refund Authorization (RA) for 006 Plated Tickets   

* If any of these conditions below exist, please manually issue an RA instead of Auto-refund.

  • Reissued tickets (including tickets using eNCI credit vouchers)
  • Partially used tickets

1)     Access BSPlink website.

2)     Log in using your IATA number and password.


3)     Click RA Issue under REFUND APPLICATIONS.


4)     Fill in the application form and click Issue. Please provide details in REASON FOR REFUND if you have any comments.


* Please check the status under RA Query. If you do not agree with the refund amount, disputes can be sent via email (English only) to EUAgency.DELTA@DELTA.COM. Prior to sending the email, please download the PDF document from RA Query and attach the file to the email.

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