Delta's current agency commission structure applies to all ticketing transactions by travel agencies in Canada for all domestic and international travel.

Canadian Commission

Delta does not pay "base" commissions to travel agents for tickets purchased in Canada for travel to/from all worldwide destinations. This includes internet bookings.

This change applies to all tickets, Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs) issued by travel agents in Canada for all domestic and international travel. This change does not affect Delta’s commission policy regarding tickets purchased outside of Canada.

Off-Shore/Cross-Boarder Ticketing: Delta's base commission structure varies by country. Delta-appointed travel agents shall not, directly or indirectly, circumvent the Delta base commission rate structure applicable to sales in one country by collecting base commissions at rates applicable in other countries, whether through the establishment or use of an international branch office, satellite ticket printer or electronic transfer of ticketing data, through a commission sharing or referral arrangement with a travel agency in another country, or otherwise. Delta reserves the right to collect any amount of inappropriately retained base commissions and terminate the Delta ticketing authority of any Delta-appointed travel agents who participates in practices contrary to Delta’s rules regarding its base commission structure.

Refund Commission Policy

Delta does not pay base commission for tickets purchased in Canada for travel to/from all worldwide destinations. This policy change does not affect Delta’s base commission policy for tickets purchased outside of Canada.

Travel agencies ticketing against an active Delta Agency Program continue to receive base commission payments, regardless of ticketing location. In addition, travel agencies are also provided the opportunity to request back-end commission by completing the Retroactive Commission Form if commission was not taken at the point of sale (POS).

Retroactive Commission Request

When ticketing against a point-of-sale commission program, eligible accounts within Canada must claim commission at time of ticketing. Retroactive commission may not be claimed and use of the Retroactive Commission Form (Sales Summary Adjustment Request Form 1282) is discontinued. 

To view details of the commission policy please refer to the Commission – Qualification Terms section of the contract terms and conditions. For questions regarding Agency Programs, please consult with an Agency Travel Manager or a Delta Representative.

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