Debit Memo Information   

Travel Agencies are billed for ticketing discrepancies and/or shortages through the Debit Memo process. Below are typical reasons a debit memo may be issued:

  • Improper collection of fares

  • Penalties

  • Undercharges

  • Unreported sales

  • Credit card rejections

  • Commission errors

Memo Distribution For BSP Agencies

Agencies that report through BSP can manage debit memos via BSPLink .


Travel Agencies are encouraged to quickly review and notify Delta of any disputes or questions. Memos should be submitted for payment through your next sales report.

Note: Payment terms are due upon receipt


Contact the Collections Department via BSPLink regarding Delta Debit Memo discrepancies. Related documentation may be submitted via email and/or fax. 

General Correspondence

General Correspondence


Fax Number

(404) 773-2108


Mailing address

Delta Air Lines Inc.
Revenue Recovery
Department 816
P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta GA 30320-6001

Overnight courier service address

Delta Air Lines Inc.
Revenue Recovery
Department 816
1030 Delta Blvd
Atlanta GA 30320

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