Fare Downgrade Policy   

The following policy applies to travel within the 50 United States or for travel between the 50 United States and Canada, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands for all individual domestic fare tickets regardless of place of issue or when travel occurs.


Completely unused published fare tickets may be downgraded to a lower published fare provided all rules are met.  Partially used tickets may not be downgraded and refunds/credits will not apply retroactively for previously flown travel.


When a new published fare is introduced or a current published fare is reduced in a market, ticketed passengers may downgrade prior to departure of the originating flight under the following conditions:

  • No changes are permitted to the flight, date, origin, destination, or stopover point.

  • Existing reservation must already be confirmed in or rebooked in the appropriate class of service for the new fare. Overbooking is not permitted.

  • Existing reservation must requalify for the new/reduced fare by meeting all restrictions, including advance reservations and ticketing requirements.

    • If the new fare has a ticketing deadline, the ticket must be reissued by that date.

    • If the original ticket was nonrefundable and the new ticket is refundable, the nonrefundable provision and amount of the original ticket must be maintained. Travel agents must indicate the nonrefundable amount in the endorsement box of the new ticket as follows: NONREF/$345US
  • Travel agents can downgrade an agency issued ticket issued with a published fare, provided the agency originally issued the ticket and all above conditions are met.

    • The agency should request that Delta issue a residual value EMD valid for future Delta services.

    • The EMD is to be issued to the passenger named on the ticket.

    • The applicable Administrative Service Charge (ASC) applies.
  • Travel agents may not issue a refund to the original form of payment for nonrefundable tickets.
Administrative Service Charge

The Administrative Service Charge (ASC) to downgrade a ticket will be the same amount as the change penalty indicated in the rule of the fare being downgraded.

International Fare Downgrade Policy

There is no equivalent group or international fare downgrade policy. For tickets that include an international fare, please check the applicable international fare rule to determine if the fare downgrade policy applies.

Additional Information
Web Fares

Delta.com web fares are eligible for the downgrade fare policy. The ASC fee applies. Please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.  For web fares from sites other than delta.com, please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

International Tickets

Tickets issued with domestic and international fare components are considered an international ticket regardless of the fare breaks. Please check the applicable international fare rule to determine if the fare downgrade policy applies.

Companion Fares

Tickets issued using a companion fare are not eligible for the fare downgrade policy.

SkyMiles Award Tickets

If a customer has an award ticket and requests to redeposit miles and purchase a ticket because new lower fares are available in the market, the redeposit fee will apply.


For questions, please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

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