International Ticket Reissue and Cancellation Policy   

Changes to reservations and nonrefundable ticket reissue or cancellations  for international travel must be done on or before the original travel date as shown on the affected flight coupon. Changes or cancellations which are requested after the original travel date shown on the affected flight coupon are not permitted and will result in the ticket having no value.

Changes to the fare rule structures apply to all Transatlantic, Transpacific, Central American, South American, and Caribbean travel. Check fare rules for applicable international administrative service charges.

Fare Types

  • Normal fares
  • Refundable fares with no fee for changes or refunds
  • Refundable fares with fee for changes or refunds
  • Nonrefundable fares with fee for changes
  • Nonrefundable fares with no changes permitted once ticketed (value will not be applied to a new ticket)

Non-Refundable International Fare Cancellation Rule

  • All reservations must now be cancelled prior to the scheduled departure time
  • If the reservation is not cancelled prior to the scheduled departure, the value of the ticket will be forfeited
  • Passengers who fail to cancel his or her reservation and do not travel on the ticketed flights will be considered a no show and will forfeit the total value of the ticket

Non-Refundable International Fare Reissues

  • Every effort should be made to reaccommodate the passenger by reissuing the ticket when the reservation is cancelled
  • For passengers who are not ready to reissue, travel agencies must cancel the reservation prior to the scheduled departure time in order to retain the value of the ticket. See below recommended documentation:

    • Document the PNR with the following OSI message before cancellation: 3OSI DL  ROUNDTRIP CITY PAIR cxld on DATE (Example: 3OSI DL SDF-CDG-SDF cxld on DEC 7 2007)

    • Or contact the Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations to document the PNR
  • Ticketing exchange is allowed, less the applicable penalties and fees. When the passenger is ready to travel:

    • The ticket must still be valid. See Ticket Validity for requirements.

    • All other ticketing requirements must be met
  • Travel agencies are encouraged to read the tariff rules of the fare to properly advise the customer of these applicable penalties and restrictions.

If you still have questions about the recent changes, please contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

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