No Show Policy   

Delta's No Show Policy applies to all nonrefundable tickets issued on/after March 31, 2021. To retain the value of a ticket, Delta will require customers to cancel or change their reservation before their scheduled departure.

This policy will ensure that Delta can properly accommodate customers who are still planning to travel and to allow customers access to all available open seats if they want to book new or change existing reservations.

Terms and Conditions of Delta’s No Show Policy

Delta’s No-Show Policy applies to:

  • All DL-006 non-refundable tickets issued on or after March 31, 2021
    • Refundable tickets are excluded from this policy
    • Most restrictive rule applies for tickets with non-refundable/refundable fare combinations
  • Itineraries that include DL-marketed and DL-operated flights
  • Both wholly unused and partially flown tickets
Retaining Ticket Value

To retain the value of their ticket, a customer will need to notify their Travel Agent or Delta directly that they would like to change or cancel their flight, prior to departure.

A Travel Agent may then assist our mutual customers by changing the reservation and reissuing the ticket or by canceling the reservation.

If a customer does not contact their Travel Agent or Delta to change or cancel their reservations prior to departure, the unused coupons on their ticket will eventually show a status of “SUSP”. Coupons that are marked as “SUSP” have no further value.


A customer may contact their Travel Agent after their original departure time and if the flight coupons are still open for use the Travel Agent may be able to assist as follows:

  • If the customer is ready to make a change, the reservation may be changed, and the ticket reissued to retain the value of the ticket.
  • If the customer is not ready to make a new reservation, please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

However, if the flight coupons are suspended, the ticket has no remaining value.

Involuntary No Show for Irregular Operations and Schedule Change Events

Tickets impacted by an Irregular Operations event or a Major Schedule change will not be subject to Delta’s No Show Policy. A major schedule change is defined as:

  • A delay of 120 minutes or more
  • Adding one (1) or more stops to the original itinerary
  • A change from DL mainline to a DL Connection carrier
  • A cabin/seat downgrade – or -
  • A flight cancellation with no comparable or acceptable routing available

Please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations with any additional questions.

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