Travel Exception Policy - Travel Agent Guidelines   

Travel agents may rebook, reissue or refund tickets for customers whose flights have been affected by an event such as an earthquake or a volcano or a weather-related incident such as a storm, flood, or hurricane. Travel Agents may offer assistance provided the customer’s travel meets the rules of the Travel Exception Policy, the PNR is properly documented, and the reissue or refund guidelines are met.

Please note: Some affected itineraries have been proactively rebooked and reissued. In those cases, travel agents must contact Delta for assistance with reissuing these tickets.

Travel Agent Reissue Guidelines

Delta will waive administrative change fees and travel agents may rebook and reissue tickets provided the below guidelines are met and applied:

  • Travel has not commenced on the affected flight segment and the ticket has not been reissued by Delta

  • The first departure flight is more than 3 hours away

  • Customer has not checked in (If checked in, Delta must reissue the ticket)

  • Only one change without a penalty, Administrative Service Charge (ASC) or External
    Reissue Charge (ERC) is permitted under a Travel Exception Policy (Bulletin #)

  • Rebooking options vary per event

  • Each event (Travel Exception Policy) will include specific parameters for applicable dates, rebooking options, and ticket reissue requirements

  • Reissue and travel must be in accordance to dates identified in the advisory

  • Tickets can only be reissued by the agency that originally issued the ticket
  • Bulk/Net Fare tickets must be referred to original issuing agent

*Note: Please review the specific Travel Exception Policy Advisory located in Travel Exception Policies as conditions are subject to change. Changes outside of these guidelines are subject to the reissue rules of the ticketed fare. This includes any applicable additional collection or administrative fees.

Required Documentation for Reissue

ATTN Travelport 1P Worldspan Users - See Specific Procedure Below
  • Document the PNR with the following OSI message:

    • 3OSI DL Changes per XXXXX (Enter weather/event name) / Month Day Year (See advisory for date)
  • The reissued ticket must include the applicable waiver code as identified in the Travel Exception Policy based on rebooked itinerary.

  • See specific event located in Travel Exception Policies for appropriate waiver code

  • Waiver code placement/GDS ticket information if:

    • No ticket designator is applicable, waiver code to be placed in ticket designator field

    • A ticket designator applies, place waiver code in tour code box

    • The tour code box is not available, place waiver code in the endorsement field
Applicable to Worldspan 1P Users Only

If applying Rapid Reprice, please use the following procedure:
  • Document the PNR with the following OSI message:

    • 3OSI DL Changes per XXXXX (Enter weather/event name) / Month Day Year (See advisory for date)
  • Do not add the waiver code

  • Waiver code will automatically be added to endorsement info.

**Note: Changes to origin/destination may result in an increase in fare. Any difference in fare between the original ticket and the new ticket must be collected at the time of ticketing.

Travel Agent Refund Guidelines

If a customer’s Delta flight is cancelled due to irregular operations such as weather, and no other alternate flights are acceptable, travel agents may refund a totally unused non-refundable ticket(s) through normal BSP processing. PNR / Ticket must be documented as noted below.

Required Documentation

Document the PNR with the following OSI message entry:

OSI Remarks: 

3OSI DL Refund per XXXXX (Enter weather/event name) / Month Day Year (See advisory for date)

If the ticket has already been reissued by Delta or the ticket is partially used, travel agents may utilize the Travel Agent Travel Exception Policy Online Refund form to submit a refund request.

Note: As long as travel meets the weather event advisory guidelines and the PNR is properly documented you do not need to call the Sales Support Centers. Travel Agents must complete the reissue transactions for their customers.

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