One (1) Day After Ticketing Refund Window for BSP Agencies Worldwide for 006 Tickets   

Travel Agencies that report via BSP are permitted to cancel a reservation and refund an original sale ticket by midnight the day after ticketing without penalty or requiring a waiver code.

Please note: Travel Agencies reporting through BSP may still void a ticket by midnight the same day it is issued.

Some additional items to take into consideration:

  • The Point of Sale (PoS) of the ticketing location is used to determine the time frame for refund.
  • The One Day After Ticketing refund window applies to original sale tickets only for any itinerary validated on 006 ticket stock; it does not apply to exchanges.
  • If ticketing is the same day as departure, the itinerary must be canceled and the ticket voided by midnight the same day in the GDS.
PNR Documentation and Refund Process Requirements
  • Prior to canceling the reservation, agents must add the following OSI to the PNR:
  • Submit the refund for the ticket either via the GDS or via BSPLink using the Refund Application form

For additional questions regarding Delta’s Refund Window policy for Travel Agencies, please contact Global Sales Support, or Delta Reservations for assistance.

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