Bereavement Fare – International Travel   

In the event of a death or imminent death of an immediate family member, a customer may have to travel at the last minute. Customers may not have the time to qualify for an advance purchase discounted fare. To help our mutual customers, we offer special fares for bereavement travel.

Reservations must be booked and ticketed by Delta Air Lines. Travel agents may contact Delta Reservations for booking, pricing, and program rules.

Applicable International Markets

For the purpose of travel on bereavement fares, international travel is allowed:

  • To/From any international city where Delta flies
  • On any exit U.S. / Canada departure to destinations globally where Aeromexico (AM), Air France (AF), KLM (KL) or Virgin Atlantic (VS) fly

International travel does not apply to the following travel:

  • Wholly within the 50 United States
  • Between the 50 United States and Canada
  • Between the 50 United States and Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands

(See Domestic Bereavement Travel Policy)

For information on domestic travel due to a medical emergency see Medical Fare Program.

Immediate Family Member Definition

The list of immediate family includes any adopted/great/half/step/in-law version of list below.



Spouse (Husband/Wife)


Domestic Partner


Child (Son/Daughter) 


Sibling (Brother/Sister)

Clergy presiding over services


The following customers do not qualify for bereavement fare:

  • Terminally ill passengers traveling to a medical facility for treatment
  • Persons traveling to visit terminally ill relatives
  • Routine or emergency surgeries that are not life threatening

If family member/escort is traveling with human remains their flight reservations are handled by calling Delta Reservations.


Valid for SkyMiles Members needing to travel due to death or imminent death of an immediate family member. If the customer is not currently a member they may immediately join SkyMiles by enrolling via

Required Documentation

The following information is required so customers can purchase a ticket using discounted Bereavement Fares:

  • Relationship to the deceased
  • Name and phone number of funeral home, hospital, or hospice doctor's name (if applicable)

Terms & Conditions

Purchase Requirements

Reservations are not permitted until seven (7) days prior to departure.

Tickets need to be purchased and travel has to start within seven (7) days of the death or imminent death of the immediate family member. Required documentation is subject to verification.

Minimum/Max Stay
  • No minimum or maximum stay requirement applies other than the normal ticket validity
  • Travel must originate within seven (7) days of death or imminent death
  • Contact Delta Reservations for assistance
  • Same Day Confirmed is not permitted
  • Standby is not permitted=
Stopover / Open Jaw
  • Stopovers are not permitted.
  • A single open jaw is permitted

Upgrades are not permitted.

Refund of Previously Ticketed Passengers

Please contact Delta Reservations for assistance.

Other lower, more restrictive fares may be available. Other restrictions may apply.

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