External Reissue Charge (ERC)   

The External Reissue Charge (ERC) applies to all tickets issued by an external source (traditional travel agencies, online agencies, SkyTeam and codeshare partners, and other airlines) with a Canadian point of sale (POS).

Customers who call Delta Reservations or go to a Delta airport ticket counter in Canada to change a booking originally purchased through an external ticketing source will incur an ERC of $50.00 CAD. The fee is in addition to any administrative service charge or additional fare collection. The ERC is nonrefundable and the charge is per ticket.

Only one External Reissue Charge is assessed per ticketed passenger. The fee applies to:

  • All voluntary changes to tickets with a Canadian point of sale issued through external ticketing sources
  • Domestic and International itineraries
  • Each passenger in the passenger name record (PNR), regardless of SkyMiles status
  • Fare downgrades on agency tickets
  • Delta Vacations

The fee will NOT apply to these voluntary change situations:

  • Same Day Confirmed transactions
  • IROP or schedule change situations
  • Lap infant tickets
  • SkyMiles upgrade reissues
  • Tickets originally issued by Delta Reservations, a City Ticket Office, at a Delta airport ticket counter or via delta.com
  • Tickets reissued on delta.com
  • Military or government fares
  • KLM (074) tickets
  • AF (057) tickets
  • Domestic Bereavement/Medical Fares
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