Extra Seat - Cabin Baggage   

Passengers may wish to transport an item as cabin baggage if it is too fragile to be checked and/or too large to carry-on. This requires the purchase of an extra seat.

Travel agents may use the following information as a guideline regarding the purchase of an extra seat for fragile or bulky items on Delta-marketed flights. For all other itineraries and for additional information regarding purchasing an Extra Seat, travel agents should contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

General Information
  • Delta allows passengers to transport any item of baggage (acceptable for carriage) in a seat on the aircraft instead of in the cargo bin.

  • Pets in the cabin may not be treated as cabin baggage. This means a seat may not be purchased for a pet for the purpose of being considered cabin baggage.

Celebrity Animals
  • A pet can be accepted in a cabin seat if it meets the criteria of a Celebrity Pet. 
Making a Reservation for an Extra Seat for Cabin Baggage

To make a reservation for an extra seat to accommodate fragile or bulky items, please contact Global Sales Support or  Delta Reservations for assistance.

Additional Information

Itinerary Changes

The Administrative Service Charge (ASC) for an itinerary change is only paid on the passenger's ticket, not the extra seat ticket.

Wholly Unused Ticket

For wholly unused, nonrefundable tickets, the value of the extra seat ticket may only be used for a new ticket in the passenger's name. The extra seat ticket is not transferable.


Passengers who purchase a seat for baggage may not check or carry additional baggage as part of the baggage allowance associated with the extra seat. Cabin baggage does not have its own baggage allowance.

Seat Assignments

Reserve seats by selecting two seats together as close as possible to the main entrance of the aircraft, but not in the emergency exit row.

Note: For tall items that will exceed the top of the seat back, cabin baggage seats should be seated in the last row of coach to prevent obscuring other passenger's view of signs or video screens.

Delta Connection Seating Restrictions

For additional information, contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations.


Cabin baggage must be packaged to meet the following FAA requirements:

  • Cannot exceed 165 pounds (75 kilograms)

  • Must be packaged or covered to avoid injury to passengers

  • Must be carried aboard the aircraft by the passenger and secured in a seat in the same compartment with the passenger

  • Must be in a seat, preferably next to the passenger, in the same compartment/class of service.
    • A bulkhead seat is not required

  • Must be properly secured by a seatbelt or other tie down strap to eliminate the possibility of shifting during ground and flight operations

  • Must not restrict access to, or use of any required emergency or regular exit, or aisle in the cabin

  • Must not be stowed in an exit row

  • Must not obscure any passengers' view of:

    • Seat belt signs

    • No smoking signs

    • Exit signs

  • Must not contain dangerous goods


SkyMiles mileage awards may be used to purchase an extra seat for the purpose of cabin baggage.

Please note: SkyMiles credit is not automatically tracked for cabin baggage and must be requested by the SkyMiles member after travel.

 Joint Venture (JV) Partner Policies

The following links provide Joint Venture partner information related to policy and procedures regarding an extra seat for Cabin Baggage:


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