Main Cabin   

Female customer seated in 737-900ER (739) in Delta Comfort+ with Starbucks coffee cup.

Main Cabin is available on all Delta and Delta Connection aircraft system-wide.

Delta’s Main Cabin customers will enjoy:

  • A choice of four snack options during the flight and complimentary Starbucks® coffee or non-alcoholic beverage of choice on flights over 250 miles; select flights offer food for purchase. Meal service on most long-haul international flights

  • Options to purchase beer, wine and spirits on board flights over 250 miles, complimentary on most long-haul international flights*

  • Ability to stay connected with Wi-Fi, where available

  • Sleep kit (eye shades and ear buds), pillow and blanket available on most long-haul international flights

  • Ability to select an available seat at purchase. Complimentary Preferred Seating available at booking for Medallion members and available for purchase to all other customers, excluding those traveling on Basic Economy fares, starting at 45 days prior to departure in all markets.**

  • Complimentary entertainment from Delta Studio™ (where available) including selections of TV, movies and music***

* Must be 21 and over for alcoholic beverages; please drink responsibly. Terms and conditions apply.

**Customers that purchase a Basic Economy fare will travel in Delta’s Main Cabin and experience the same superior on board experience as customers that purchase a Main Cabin fare. To view complete details, terms and conditions of Delta’s Basic Economy product visit

***Entertainment options may vary by aircraft and route; not available on all aircraft.  Entertainment offered via in-flight streaming, our seat-back screens or overhead screens. Check our listings at to make sure your aircraft or route is included. Entertainment prices may be changed at any time. In-Flight Streaming entertainment valid on all Domestic 2-Class Wi-Fi equipped aircraft. There may be service interruptions for Domestic Aircraft flying internationally. Delta One™, First Class & Delta Comfort+™ passengers can get access to complimentary premium content via In-Flight Streaming entertainment by validating their seat numbers on the Delta Connect portal. Delta is not responsible for outages of In-Flight Streaming service. For issues with streaming service, contact Gogo customer service. In-Flight Streaming entertainment is subject to Terms of Use, accessible via the Delta Connect portal available in-flight.

For a complete list of terms and conditions, visit

Amenities and Accessibility

View a list of available amenities and accessibility for Delta’s Branded Products, including Main Cabin.


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