Same-Day Travel Changes   

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Delta’s Same-Day Travel programs offer greater flexibility when customers need to make a change to a flight on the day of travel. Delta’s Same-Day Travel programs are available for customers traveling within the United States or between the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands on Delta and Delta Connection® flights. Delta offers the following Same-Day Travel options:

  • Same-Day Confirmed travel option
  • Same-Day Standby travel option
  • Same-Day Travel Upgrades

View Same-Day Travel program details for limitations and fees for each option.

Please note: If a customer wants to make changes to their itinerary using Delta’s Same Day Travel options, changes need to be made through Global Sales Support, Delta Reservations or via Most tickets will be revalidated, allowing travel agencies to maintain control of their tickets. If the ticket is not able to be revalidated, Delta must reissue the ticket.

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