Elevating the Delta One Experience in 2023   

Delta One seat

This year, we launched three special new offerings in Delta One to elevate the onboard experience for you and your travelers.

In addition to the spacious lie-flat seats, cozy bedding and premium amenities Delta One customers have come to expect, we’ve also launched a new, innovative lumbar pillow that doubles as a mattress pad on ultra long-haul flights (6,000+ miles plus flights between MSP and HND).

Delta’s most premium cabin also now features the highest number of premium wines ever offered on board. Customers can expect a selection of two red wines, two white wines, rosé, champagne and port – all featured on our printed menu that can be perused at any time in-flight*.

Plus, earlier this year, we introduced cozy, complimentary slippers to domestic Delta One.

That’s all in addition to refreshed menus on select flights, the return of the signature Delta One dessert cart and a new, exclusive Delta One check-in experience at LAX.

Learn more about what you and your travelers can expect in our signature cabin.

*21+ and up. Please drink responsibly. 

Elevating the Delta One Experience
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