Updated Requirements for Travel to Brazil    Updated 10 April 2024

Brazil is reinstating visa requirements for citizens of the United States, Canada, and Australia. As of April 10, 2025, citizens from these three countries will need a tourist or business visa upon arrival to Brazil.

Here’s what you and your travelers need to know:

  • For flights arriving to Brazil on or after April 10, 2025, all passport holders from the United States, Canada, and Australia will be required to present an eVisa for business or leisure purposes to enter Brazil.   
  • The average processing time for an eVisa can take up to 2 weeks, so please advise travelers to start the process with adequate time ahead of planned travel.

Visit the official Brazil eVisa site to start the application process.

For more detailed information on Brazil entry requirements, visit the Travel Planning Center on delta.com or or your preferred tool (e.g. TIMATIC or IATA TravelCentre) for determining required travel documents.



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