Travel Agency Process to Extend Ticket Validity Due to COVID-19 For Delta 006 Tickets    Updated 2020 September 04


Delta, ATPCO and the GDSs have identified a standard solution for travel agencies to use expired DL 006 tickets toward future bookings where validity has been extended due to COVID-19.

  • No further action needs to be taken by our travel agency partners to ensure these tickets remain open for use
  • Ticket validity for qualifying tickets will be extended to December 31, 2022
    • All travel must be completed by December 31, 2022
Qualifying Tickets
Solution Highlights
  • Flight coupons will remain open for use
  • Delta, ATPCO and the GDSs are worked toward providing an automated exchange solution for Travel Agents to exchange tickets that qualify for exceptions under one of our Travel Exception Policies due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Automated exchanges for non-expired tickets that qualify for exceptions under one of our COVID-19 Travel Exception Policies is now available in the GDSs.
    • This automation will waive the change fee and the travel agent will not need to place a waiver code on the ticket.
    • The automated solution does not apply to subsequent changes; the ticket may need to be manually exchanged and the Change Fee waiver code added to the ticket.
    • Cabin to Cabin and Class to Class exceptions are not included in this automated solution and the waiver codes will need to be added to the ticket.
  • Automated exchanges for qualifying expired tickets that qualify for exceptions under one of our COVID-19 Travel Exception Policies will be available once the GDSs have completed the necessary programming.
    • The GDSs have committed to completing this programming by the end of 3Q20.
  • Until then, these expired tickets may be manually exchanged in the GDS
  • These exchange transactions will be processed for normal settlement via ARC and BSP
  • Previously issued unused tickets that were not booked for travel during the impacted travel dates indicated in our Travel Exception Policies should follow normal fare rules collecting any fare difference and the appropriate change fee
    • If ticket is for a contracted Corporate or MSA account, the name change fee must also be collected when completing a name change
      • A name change waiver is required
  • Travel agents will use standard exchange formats in their GDS.
    • If assistance is required with the specific entry used to complete a ticket exchange, please contact your GDS help desk.
  • When exchanging tickets included under Delta’s Travel Exception Policies, please include the appropriate waiver code on the ticket.

For questions or additional information pertaining to Delta’s Travel Exception Policies, please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

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