Name Match Enhancement Notification for GDS Bookings   

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To further enhance the passenger experience for our customers, beginning October 27, 2016, Delta will introduce new messaging to alert travel agencies that there is a name mismatch between a PNR name and the Passenger Security Name. This new notification is designed to offer our travel partners advance opportunity to verify or update the customer name information to help ensure a smooth check-in experience.

The Passenger Security Name is the name used in a passenger’s valid government issued identification such as driver’s license, passport, or Known Traveler ID (associated to passport). The Security Name is the name which is required (when applicable) at ticketing for Secure Flight. It is collected in the SSRDOCS.  The PNR Name is the name entered in the passenger name field of a PNR.

The new Delta message will be sent via an SSR ADPI (Special Service Request requesting Additional Passenger Information) which will drop to an agency’s queue for review. The SSR message will be:


This new SSR ADPI notification gives the travel agency the opportunity to verify, update or correct the PNR and Security Name with ID verification prior to the customer’s check-in. There will be no interruption of the ticketing process.

Information for Travel Agencies
  1. Ensuring that the names are aligned allows accurate security vetting with the Government and provides for a smooth passenger experience at check-in and at the TSA Security Checkpoint.

  2. If the Passenger Security Name is different than the PNR Name (a mismatch), the travel agent will still be able to issue the ticket.  There will be no interruption of the ticketing process.

  3. When SSR ADPI messages are generated to the PNR, the PNR will be queued to the applicable queue for agency follow-up.

  4. Upon receiving the PNR SSR notification via agency queues, the agency should verify that both the Passenger Security Name and the passenger PNR Name match.

  5. If the names are not matched prior to departure, a customer who attempts to check-in on or via the Delta mobile app will be directed to the airport. Check-in via kiosk will notify the passenger of a mismatch and offer the option to scan or swipe an approved ID, such as driver’s license or passport; otherwise, he or she will be directed to see an agent for assistance. 

  6. Travel partners who use booking tools that populate PNR name fields, SkyMiles member information or other process should consider advising customers to synch the information and match names.

  7. If it is necessary to correct the PNR Name to ensure that it matches the Passenger Security Name, please follow Delta’s Name Correction Policy.  Details can be found on the Delta Professional Travel Agency website


Name Match Check Basics to Allow for Check-in and Pass Through at the Security Checkpoint

  • First and Last Names for PNR Name and Security Name (approved ID) that match completely will pass to allow check-in.

  • Blanks will be removed from name elements when performing individual name element comparisons.

  • Prefix, Suffixes in a PNR name field are not used when name match is considered. Provided all other information is accurate in the PNR and SFPD, these scenarios will typically pass to allow check in. Examples:


PNR First Name

PNR Last Name

Travel Document First Name

Travel Document Last Name














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