Commission Recall Policy   

Delta’s Commission Recall policy aligns with the Industry Resolutions specific to commission recall. Per industry standard, when a travel agency ticket is refunded, it is routine to recall the related commission amount. This applies to refunds processed by either Delta or the travel agency.

If a travel agency requests a refund for a travel agency issued ticket, on all or part of a fare, Delta will recalculate the commission, and will require that the part of the commission associated with the refunded fare be recalled via the debit memo process.

Delta will not recall the commission if the refund is due to events resulting in passenger inconvenience such as an involuntary reroute to alternate surface transportation (i.e. bus, train, rental car, etc.) or for an involuntary reroute on an alternate carrier.

In addition, Delta will not recall the commission for a travel agency issued ticket, if a refund is requested by a travel agency because of a flight cancellation due to maintenance.

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