Enhanced Ticketing Time Limit Policy   

For Europe Point of Sale

The Enhanced Ticketing Time Limit policy provides you with more flexibility to ticket existing reservations one (1) business day after the original ticketing deadline has passed.

Applies to:
  • Europe Point of Sale
  • Itineraries using a Delta, KLM, Air France, Alitalia, or Virgin Atlantic fare when issued on DL 006 ticket stock
Booking Requirements:
  • The existing PNR was booked in time to qualify for the desired fare
  • The PNR has not been cancelled and no changes have been made to the itinerary or the name on the reservation after the ticketing deadline has passed
  • All fare rules were met at the time the booking was made (i.e. advance purchase, min/max stay, etc.)
Pricing Instructions and Documentation:
  • Manually price the PNR at the original fare quoted and issue the ticket
  • Enter Waiver Code 5AD1H in the Ticket Designator or Tour Code box
  • No other remark, OSI, or SSR is required

A travel agent books a PNR that qualifies for 7-day advance purchase fare. According to the fare rule the ticket needs to be issued today. The next day the travel agent is ready to issue the ticket but notices the PNR no longer prices. Delta will allow the travel agent to ticket the reservation at the original fare quoted earlier providing the rules of the enhanced ticketing time limit policy above are met.

Additional Information:

For requests outside of the above guidelines or questions regarding the Ticketing Time Limit policy, please contact Agency Sales Support for assistance.



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