UPDATE: Delta weathers Irma impact in ATL, eyes Florida restart Tuesday   

As Delta teams prepared to resume operations at airports across Florida, Irma's sustained winds of 30 mph and gusts of 60 mph at the airline’s Atlanta hub led to 1,100 network flight cancellations and more than 65 diverted flights Monday. With Atlanta airport conditions coming back to within operating limits Monday evening, the airline was gradually increasing operations into and out of Atlanta, including accepting many of the previously diverted flights.

Delta plans to start Tuesday with about 140 flight cancellations as a result of disruptions to operations throughout Florida and in Atlanta Monday.

As the storm traversed Georgia Monday, Delta teams set their sights on resuming service to Florida airports. Delta was in contact with airport authorities throughout the state on the condition of runways, taxiways and terminal infrastructure, some of which sustained damage. The latest updates on resuming operations across airports affected by Irma is below.

Delta encourages customers to check the status of their flight on the Fly Delta app or at delta.com before leaving for the airport. Delta has combined and consolidated fee waivers through Sept. 17 for customers transiting three dozen destinations where flights will be affected by Irma, and created a new waiver for St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Turks and Caicos for customers ticketed through Oct. 31.

Meanwhile, at St. Thomas in the Caribbean on Monday, Delta operated a humanitarian flight to bring in recovery supplies and carry out 150 U.S. citizens to Detroit. Delta continues to examine when regularly scheduled service may resume. Additional humanitarian flights are expected throughout the week to destinations in the Caribbean.

For more information on Irma’s operational impact and an updated airport-by-airport outlook for operations in the Caribbean, Florida and southeastern U.S. please visit Delta News Hub.

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