Delta's Atlanta Operations Returning to Normal   

Delta’s recovery efforts continued Monday following an Atlanta Airport power outage that shut down the facility for much of Sunday.

Delta began the day with 390 cancelled flights and as of 1 p.m. ET had not added to that total as the operation had stabilized and the majority of Delta customers had been rebooked. In total, Delta canceled approximately 1,400 flights over the nearly 24-hour period.

“Nearly 80 percent of the travelers coming through Hartsfield-Jackson every day are Delta customers, so we were closely engaged at all levels with the airport, City of Atlanta and Georgia Power in their recovery efforts following Sunday’s outage,” said Gil West, Delta's Senior Executive Vice President and COO. “At the airport, Delta people, including not only those scheduled to work but also nearly 200 Delta Peach Corps employee-volunteers, have been serving customers — from passing out refreshments to assisting customers with wheelchair support. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we’re nearly back to normal at our biggest hub.”

With the busy holiday travel season underway, customers traveling through Atlanta or who were impacted by the outage should note:

  1. Delta is offering a waiver to assist customers flying to, from or through Atlanta, who may be impacted. Details of the waiver can be found here on Delta Professional. 
  2. Delta has temporarily embargoed travel for unaccompanied minors traveling to, from or through Atlanta Monday due to the power outage. Unaccompanied minors who already began their travel Sunday may continue.
  3. Delta has established a dedicated line to help customers retrieve checked bags. Customers (including Air France-KLM customers) should call 1-888-977-1005 to arrange for baggage delivery. Due to congestion, customers are encouraged to call the dedicated line for assistance rather than going to an airport baggage service office.

Delta is reimbursing customers who needed to make hotel accommodations Sunday in Atlanta.


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