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"S" Class   

On June 17, 2019, single character ‘S’ class was introduced as an additional revenue class for Delta Comfort+ in both domestic and international markets for travel on or after September 4, 2019.  All fares will be loaded by July 19, 2019 (see below chart). Delta Comfort+ fares will now be sold using ‘W’ AND ‘S’ classes of service. ‘W’ fares will be higher than ‘S’ in the fare string and as a result will be priced higher.  Dual character ‘S’ class will still be utilized for Comfort+ upgrade certificates. Due to a GDS limitation of only being able to display a single class of service, travel agents will see ‘S’ class for all of the following 'S’ class booking options, even though they may be booked as a dual character class of service:

  • Revenue (S)
  • SkyMiles Award (SN)
  • Complimentary Medallion upgrade (SU)
  • SkyMiles Global or Regional upgrade (SY)
  • eNCI upgrade certificate (SY)

Test markets for ‘S’ class will go live starting June 17, 2019, and include:

  • DOM (06/17/2019) - DHN to all U.S./Canada, JFKSAN
  • TATL (06/18/2019) - BHM-LON/PAR, ATLAMS
  • TPAC (06/21/2019) - BHMMNL, BHMSIN, ATLSGN

Fare Filing Schedule (*estimated):

Between June 24 and 28, as Delta continues realignment efforts, GDS users will begin to see ‘S’ class fares filed for all Delta domestic routes, for travel on/after September 4, 2019.

June 18

June 24-June 28

S Visible and Ready to Sell

Domestic Fare Filing

Please check back to this page on Delta Professional each week to view additional fare filing announcements.

Please note:

  • If you have not already received them, updated fare class grids and point-of-sale program documents for agencies, will be electronically distributed to agencies in the near future
  • The Main Cabin fare basis code first letter will not change; however, the seventh letter will change from ‘C’ to ‘I’ for ‘S’ class bookings. Ex: MAUQA0IL
  • Corporate agreements do not need to be updated as discounts are applied based on the first letter of the fare basis code.

Pricing a Delta Comfort+ fare in 'S' Class

When booking and pricing a Delta Comfort+ fare in the GDS for Transatlantic and Transpacific markets, travel agents will need to book a customer’s reservation into ‘S’ class and use a “price as booked” entry. The lowest available Delta Comfort+ fare will be offered in ‘S’ class, if available. Travel agents should not use a “price as lowest fare and rebook” entry to price the itinerary, because the reservation is booked in ‘S’ class, this entry will rebook the customer into a lower Main Cabin fare and remove them from Delta Comfort+. If ‘S’ is not available or there are no fares in ‘S’ class, the travel agent should rebook into ‘W’ class which is the higher of the two Delta Comfort+ fares and use the "price as booked" entry.

Delta Comfort+ fares are based on dual inventory; both ‘W’ and ‘S’ class, along with the Main Cabin class of service are used to determine the fare and must be available for the PNR to price.  Delta recommends that travel agents issue the ticket immediately in order to ensure that the PNR prices at the fare quoted.

Delta Comfort+ Upgrade Certificates

Effective June 17, 2019, for travel on/after September 4, 2019, a travel agent must contact Global Sales Support (GSS) or Delta Reservations to redeem a Delta Comfort+ eNCI upgrade certificate. The terms and conditions for these certificates will be changed accordingly. All other upgrade certificates that allow redemption via the GDS will still be permitted.


Q: Why is Delta going through booking class realignment?

A: Delta is realigning Domestic (50 U.S. and Canada) premium cabin booking classes as part of its ongoing effort to more consistently and transparently display fare choices, while better aligning with our joint venture partners.

Q: What is changing with the Booking Class Alignment?

A: Delta will simplify its front cabin configurations across the Online Network to C-W-Y, where “C” inventory will be used for Delta One & Domestic First.  New booking class codes will be JCDIZO for Domestic First class.

Q: When is this going into effect?

A:  Delta is taking a phased approach for this realignment.  On October 20, 2018, Delta performed a schedule change for the SEA markets to move domestic First Class booking classes from FPAGR to JCDIZO for travel on or after November 1, 2018.

On November 3, 2018, Delta expanded this change to include almost all Domestic First Class markets for travel on or after April 2, 2019.   

Effective November 17, 2018, additional 2019 travel dates have been added for those same markets, updating the Domestic First Class configuration for travel between January 7, 2019 and April 1, 2019.

Q: What booking classes will be used in markets that have both Delta One and Domestic First Class?

A: Markets that offer both Delta One and Domestic First Class will continue to use FPAGR for Domestic First Class and JCDIZ for Domestic Delta One until further notice (affected markets include JFKSEA, JFKSAN, JFKLAS, BOSLAX).

What happens to bookings made for travel on or after January 7, 2019?  

A: Fully domestic markets will remain status quo between November 17, 2018 and January 6, 2019, and almost all domestic markets will book into JCDIZO for travel on or after January 7, 2019.  

Q: What happens to bookings that were made before the November 17 schedule change?

A: PNRs created before the November 17 schedule change in the impacted markets and for the impacted travel dates will be rebooked into J, C, D, I, Z or O Class, and no action is required.

  • Travel agency PNRs will be updated with the new booking class and tickets should be revalidated automatically. 
  • Delta will add special PNR documentation (OSI remarks) to itineraries to indicate that a revalidation has occurred (e.g.  OSI 1P REVAL COMPLETE).
  • If the ticket is not automatically revalidated, travel agencies must reissue the ticket using normal schedule change guidelines.

Q: What happens to SEA bookings that experienced the schedule change on October 20 and the bookings that experienced the November 3 schedule change?

A:  The November 17, 2018, schedule change will not impact the previous SEA market implementation that took place on October 20, 2018, nor will it affect the schedule change that took place on November 3, 2018 for travel on or after April 2, 2019.  Exception: Domestic First Class bookings on JFKSEA route will be updated to FPAGR to account for the market being served by both Delta One and Domestic First Class as mentioned in a previous question.

Q: When can I make a new booking with the new fares?

A: New bookings can be created any time after our new flight schedules and fares are available in the GDS.

Q: What if I have an existing booking that is not yet ticketed, will these price correctly after the schedule change occurs?

A: GDS bookings that are not yet ticketed at time of schedule change will remain valid as long as the ticket is booked in the new booking class and issued within the ticketing time limit.

Q: What will my PNR look like after the booking class realignment and how do I process the schedule change?

A: Delta will perform a schedule change that will update the class of service, replacing the old class of service with the new class of service for the PNRs impacted.

  • Travel agency PNRs will be updated with the new booking class and tickets should be revalidated automatically. 
  • Delta will add special PNR documentation (OSI remarks) to itineraries to indicate that a revalidation has occurred (e.g.  OSI 1P REVAL COMPLETE).
  • If the ticket is not automatically revalidated, travel agencies must reissue the ticket using normal schedule change guidelines.

Q: What does this mean for Delta Premium Select?

A: Delta Premium Select is not impacted and still utilizes booking classes P, A and G.

Q: What will happen to any special service request codes (SSR) I have previously added to bookings? For example, a pet SSR or a wheelchair SSR?

A: All SSR codes that have been previously added to your bookings will carry over during the schedule change.

Q: If I have an EMD associated to a GDS issued ticket, do I need to contact Delta to have this reassociated to the PNR?

A: No.  Since the ticket will be re-validated, the EMD will remain associated to the PNR and no changes are required. 

Q: What will happen to the pre-reserved seat I selected for my client?

A: All previously selected seats should be re-accommodated into the same seat during the schedule change.


Q: What is the impact on existing partner bookings?

A: All existing partner bookings will be handled through the normal reaccommodation process with no action required by travel agencies.

Q: Will this process affect any partners for future bookings?

A: Korean Air has a fare class mapping limitation that does not allow for different mappings by date range. On October 20, DL zeroed out KE* mapping into the Domestic F cabin on DL in SEA market for flights on or after November 1st to avoid denied sales. Bookings made under DL* or interline bookings were not impacted. DL will now expand and zero out KE* mapping for all Domestic F cabin on or after April 2, 2019.  

Sales will resume for First Class on KE* when Domestic First booking class alignment is complete in all markets. Other partners do not have the same limitation and should see no impact.  


Q: How will my accounts be impacted by this?

A: Accounts with a front-end PoS program (e.g., AC787, AC404, etc.) will not see a change in their eligible commission, as rates are consistent across First and Business Classes for the impacted markets.  Sales Development has updated all program documents and uploaded new versions to each account’s agreement section in Salesforce.

Q: What does this mean for GAIN earnings?

A: Sales Development analyzed the impact to GAIN earnings for all of our accounts and for the vast majority, there is no impact as pay rates / commissions are consistent between Domestic First Class and Business Class.  For accounts that are materially impacted, your Sales Development analyst will reach out to discuss next steps.


Q: What will the new domestic fare structure look like?


Fare Structure
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