Resources for Coronavirus International and Regional Travel Restrictions   

As our mutual customers begin to plan for future business or leisure travel, they often have questions regarding travel restrictions, entry requirements, required documentation or health and quarantine requirements. Delta is committed to providing the information our mutual customers need to prepare for a safe and secure trip.

Regional Travel Restrictions on

Delta updates Regional Travel Restrictions on daily, to ensure customers are aware of any restrictions in place at both the customer’s origin and destination. Delta also recommends to always check the destination state’s or country’s website for quarantine policies and exceptions. Some travelers may be exempt from these restrictions.

In addition, some countries have imposed temporary entry requirements, such as limiting entry to citizens, permanent residents, and select visa holders, or restricting to essential travel. Delta recommends that customers check directly with the embassy or immigrations office for their destination to confirm whether they are currently eligible to travel.

Timatic and IATA Travel Centre Sites

Travel Agencies should use Timatic and the IATA Travel Centre as a reference to answer travel-related questions such as travel restrictions and documentation, entry requirements or health and quarantine requirements, etc.

IATA Timatic is used by airlines and travel agents to verify passenger travel document requirements for their destination and any transit points. Timatic delivers personalized information based on the passenger's destination, transit points, nationality, travel document, residence country etc.

Latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Regulations

The IATA Timatic team is in constant communication with governments and airlines around the world to ensure all travel documentation as well as health restriction checks requirements and rules are kept up to date in real-time. Learn more

See the latest travel restrictions per country via the IATA TravelCentre.

Please note: Delta is not responsible for the accuracy of the information on either site and suggests that if customers have additional questions, they should check with the respective embassy or consulate and visa office of the country involved with their travel itinerary, for further details.


Contact IATA if you would like to integrate Timatic into your operations.

Contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for any additional assistance. 

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