8 Ways Delta is Making Innovation Waves   


Delta has been named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies Worldwide for the second consecutive year – the only airline on the list of techs “who's who” that also includes Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Here are 8 of Delta’s innovation highlights

Launching the first-ever biometric terminal in the U.S.

International customers flying from Terminal F at Delta’s Atlanta hub can opt to use facial biometrics instead of a boarding pass or government-issued ID to check in, check a bag, pass through security and board their flight.

Delta will roll out the end-to-end biometric experience at its Detroit hub during 2019.

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Infographic: Biometric Terminal Atlanta

Infographic: Biometric Terminal - How to

Introducing the world’s first wireless inflight entertainment system

Delta’s revolutionary, first-of-its-kind wireless IFE platform is installed on Delta’s new A220 fleet.

The new technology means Delta can continue customizing the IFE experience for its customers — all while cutting emissions by reducing the weight of wiring on the aircraft.

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Rolling out the first secure biometric Delta Sky Club® check-in option across a domestic network

Delta Sky Club members with CLEAR can use their fingerprints to enter all 50 U.S. Delta Sky Club locations. Delta is the only U.S.-based global airline to offer customers a secure biometric check-in option at a single touch point across its domestic network.

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Creating another way for customers to use their miles as a form of payment

Delta customers have the ability to pay for upgrades after their initial purchase using the same or different form of payment, including the brand-new option to use miles via Delta.com. 

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Upgrading the ground-breaking Flight Weather Viewer app to deliver a smoother, safer ride

Delta is the only global airline to experience a decrease in severe turbulence encounters thanks to the airline’s industry-only Flight Weather Viewer app.

Delta pilots use the app on the vast majority of flights to deliver a safer, more comfortable and fuel efficient flight. 

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Providing a travel lifeline via the enhanced Fly Delta app

The Fly Delta app is consistently at the top of airline app ratings because of its industry-leading features that help customers manage their travel experience on the go.

Customers can be checked in automatically, use fully integrated airport wayfinding maps to easily navigate new airports, manage upgrades, track checked bags in real time, rebook a cancelled flight, and more.

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Expanding handheld devices to help customers more quickly on the go

Delta’s convenient “Nomad” tool gives agents the ability to make seat changes, rebook customers, check bag status, board or check-in customers, and print bag tags and boarding passes. The airline will deploy 1,000 more devices to nearly 40 domestic and international locations throughout 2019.

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Remaining the only global airline with RFID real-time bag tag tracking via its app

RFID bag tracking technology employs scanners which use radio waves to capture highly accurate and consistent data stored on an RFID chip embedded in every Delta luggage tag.

Delta remains the only global airline to deploy this technology across its network and to provide customers with live push notifications about their bag’s journey via the Fly Delta app. 

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