Identifying and Servicing Post-Purchase Upgrades   

How to identify if an itinerary has gone through a post-purchase upgrade

A reservation that has gone through an upgrade will exhibit the following:

  • When an upgrade occurs, an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is issued.  The EMD will be displayed as a Special Service Request (SSR) Additional Service (ASVC) which is automatically added to the PNR.  The SSR ASVC will be viewable in most GDS, including Amadeus and Travelport (Worldspan, Apollo, and Galileo), to identify the upgraded itinerary.  Please note, at this time there is a limitation in displaying this message in Sabre.
  • Segments in the PNR will reflect a revenue booking class for the premium product purchased (e.g. W class, Delta Comfort+)

                         - Class of Service on the applicable ticket coupon(s) will be changed to reflect the Upgraded Class of Service

                        - Fare on the ticket remains the same

                        - The ticket will be revalidated to ensure that the agency retains control

Please note, the ticket will be revalidated in the upgraded cabin class and not reissued so the agency remains in control of the ticket.

How to service an itinerary that has gone through a post-purchase upgrade

Changing the segment on an itinerary with a post-purchase upgrade

Delta’s upgrade as ancillary product is nonrefundable. If a voluntary change is made after the upgrade, the original fare rules apply and the value of the upgrade product is forfeited. The ticket would need to be reissued and any additional fees and difference in fare would apply.

  • Make elected changes to PNR
  • Reprice the itinerary
  • Collect any additional fees or difference in fare
  • Reissue ticket

If a customer wants to purchase an upgrade for the new itinerary, the customer can visit or call Delta Reservations. Travel agents may contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

Changing the segment on the itinerary without a post-purchase upgrade

There are two options to assist a customer who wants to make a change to segments that have not been upgraded but are part of an itinerary that includes segments that have been upgraded through the upgrade as an ancillary fee process:

Option 1: If the upgrade inventory is available, Delta recommends:

  • The  upgraded segments will need to be downgraded to the originally booked class of service

                       - If the originally booked class of service is not available, add these segments to the PNR as passive segments

                       - Cancel the upgraded segment(s) from the PNR

  • Make the desired changes to the remaining segments in the PNR
  • Reprice the itinerary (result will be based on the original sold cabin)
  • Reissue ticket (there may be a difference in fare and change fee may apply)

                        - Reissuing the ticket results in the disassociation of the EMD

  • Cancel the passively added segments from the PNR
  • Book unchanged segments back into the upsold class of service and re-assign seat
  • Contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations to re-associate the upgrade EMD for the upgraded segment(s)

Option 2: If the upgrade inventory is no longer available, Delta recommends:

  • Make desired changes to PNR
  • Recalculate fare based on original fare purchased
  • Fare will need to be manually stored and ticket reissued collecting difference in fare and fee (if applicable)
  • Contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations to re-associate the upgrade EMD for the unchanged segment(s)



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