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SkyTeam's 19 member airlines make it possible to travel the world in a better way.  SkyTeam's network offers service to over 1,150 destinations in 175 countries with over 14,500 daily departures. You are invited to learn more at

Frequent Flyer Miles

When customers join a frequent flyer program of any SkyTeam member airline they earn frequent flyer miles towards Elite status. The more they fly, the quicker they will enjoy the benefits of Elite status.  Customers have the opportunity to earn and redeem frequent flyer miles with all 19 SkyTeam member airlines.  For more information, visit

SkyTeam® Passes

SkyTeam offers its popular Go Round the World Pass, which offers flexibility, savings and convenient connectivity between SkyTeam hubs. Customers can create their own itinerary from two to 15 stops, choosing from 1,150 destinations in more than 175 countries.

Additional Resources

For more information contact or visit

SkyTeam Lounges

SkyTeam member airlines welcome you to more than 750 lounges worldwide.

Sky Priority®

Sky Priority is an alliance-wide, red carpet treatment for our top customers. Sky Priority unites the most exclusive airport benefits of all 19 SkyTeam alliance members into one, consistent experience for customers who travel in First, Delta OneTM, Business or are Elite Plus.

So, regardless of a customer’s choice of airline or frequent flyer program, Sky Priority will speed and guide them through their journey with ease.

How does a customer find Sky Priority? It will find them! They just need to look for the “Sky Priority” indicator on their boarding pass and the Sky Priority signs throughout the airport. Sky Priority is in place at 1,000 airports worldwide providing customers with the following benefits:

  • Priority check-in areas
  • Priority baggage drop off
  • Priority service at ticket/transfer desks
  • Accelerated security and passport clearance*
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority baggage handling 

*Service not available at all airports

Additional SkyPriority information is avialable on the SkyTeam website.

Global Meetings

Organizing a meeting with global reach requires partners who span the globe. For SkyTeam, global reach is what we do every day.  Global Meetings brings your ideal event travel solution into one place. Get discounted fares for your attendees, reward tickets and simplify event travel.

SkyTeam Global Meetings

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