Where to Find GDS Information for Booking, Pricing and Ticketing Delta’s Branded Products   

Each GDS provides information for Travel Agents to assist with booking, pricing and ticketing of Delta’s Branded Products in the GDS. The following URLs are provided to make it easier for Travel Agents to find this information.

Please note: A User ID and password is required to access most GDS informational websites.


How to get familiar with Branded Fares

Agencies can also use Format Finder to find booking, pricing, ticketing information while in Sabre. Select Tools > Format Finder and type “a reference word” and the system will return all sources of the reference.

Branded Fares In Fare Quote Visual


Amadeus Fare Families Information – How to price an itinerary by Fare Family

Amadeus Family Fares Visual

MyTravelport (Worldspan, Apollo, Galileo)

All Travel Agents should have access to My.Travelport.com. Through MyTravelport, they have access to the Knowledge Base (click on Magnifying glass); where they can search for Branded Fares to see all related material, including pricing entries.

Branded Fares and Ancillary Clue Card 


MyTravelport Visual

 Pricing Entry Documents

Apollo pricing TR708

Worldspan pricing TR748

Galileo pricing AN804 – Requires a log-in


For additional information or questions, please contact the appropriate GDS Help Desk for assistance.

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