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We continue to listen - we continue to innovate.

We have heard you! Delta is excited to announce key changes to our Delta Professional website based directly upon feedback from you. In addition to a refreshed look and feel, the enhanced Delta Professional is loaded with brand new features and improvements to existing ones. 

Site enhancements include:

  • New - Delta Edge Wallet
  • Enhanced - Exception Policies
  • Enhanced - Travel Exceptions
  • New - Operational Excellence
  • New - My Library


Delta Edge Wallet
Delta Edge Wallet

Delta Edge Wallet gives you greater flexibility to elevate a customer’s travel experience by ordering Delta products. Wallet makes the process of managing beyond contract value products quick and efficient.

The self-service application provides more control and simplicity to order incentive products and delivers customization and personalization in addition to speeding up transaction time.    



Exception Policies
Travel Exceptions

Exception Policies Snapshot

See all active and issued waivers at a glance on the Home Page

Visual Exception Policies Map

Now you can view impacted areas for event and weather exception policies. A new visual map on the Exception Policies page easliy displays all impacted airport codes for any active waiver.  

Cleaner Exception Policy Detail Display

Key exception policy details are displayed in a new table format for you to easily access pertinent information. 

Same Great History

The Delta Professional site will continue to maintain all event and weather exception policies from the past 24 months for any future needs.



Travel Exceptions
Travel Exceptions

The Travel Exceptions application is your destination for processing travel exceptions online. Enter the PNR, select one of the available exceptions offered and OSI remarks are automatically stamped on the PNR for you  - truly offering you 100% self-service.

The following updates have been made to the Travel Exceptions application:

Name Correction Exception Added

Process your name corrections from within the Travel Exceptions application. It will automatically stamp the OSI remarks for you and you can complete the change in your respective GDS. No need to find the static code, the application does all of the work for you.

Agency Service Recovery Point (ASRP) Branch Allocation

Would you like to designate specific ARCs a portion of your ASRP? Now you have the ability to split your ASRP points down to a branch level. 

Ticketing Time Limit 

The ticketing time limit exception has been updated now to require fewer fields making for an easier process.


Operational Excellence

Delta's award winning operational performance metrics are now available on the Home Page. Updated monthly you can see our numbers speak for themselves. The Operational Performance metrics of Mishandled Bags, Completion Factor and On-Time Performance are displayed versus our competition.


My Library

Access account specific information and downloadable files via the new My Library section on your My Dashboard page. Note - you must be logged in to view My Library.

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