Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic Airways Introduce Display Standards   

Delta believes customers are best served when consistency across channels, transparency of product attributes and choice among all relevant options are offered in the air travel shopping experience. Historically, Delta has communicated display expectations to third-party distributors on an ad hoc basis. To make this process more transparent, Delta and our joint venture partner, Virgin Atlantic Airways, have collaboratively developed respective sets of display standards outlining ‘minimum’ to ‘best-in-class’ practices suggested for third-party retailers.

Applying these standards to shopping displays will elevate the customer experience and build customer trust by ensuring our fares, products and features are displayed clearly and accurately across all channels. Furthermore, Delta believes that the enhanced shopping experience will be more customer-oriented and competitive in the new dynamic environment.

Delta plans to distribute its display standards by first-quarter of 2020 which will provide third-party retailers with the guidance needed to elevate the shopping experience for our mutual customers. Delta will review third party shopping displays with these published standards and work alongside partners to close gaps and suggest necessary enhancements to fulfil at least minimum criteria.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your Delta Sales Account Executive.

For more information on Virgin Atlantic’s display standards, please visit VS Flying Hub.

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