Booking Class Realignment- Delta adds "S" Class   

On June 17, 2019, single character ‘S’ class was introduced as an additional revenue class for Delta Comfort+ in both domestic and international markets for travel on or after September 4, 2019.  All fares have been loaded and ‘S’ class is now available in all markets that offer Comfort+ (all DL A/C excluding 50 seat RJs have Comfort+).

Delta Comfort+ fares are now sold using ‘W’ AND ‘S’ classes of service. ‘W’ fares will be higher than ‘S’ in the fare string and as a result will be priced higher.  Dual character ‘S’ class will still be utilized for Comfort+ upgrade certificates. Due to a GDS limitation of only being able to display a single class of service, travel agents will see ‘S’ class for all of the following 'S’ class booking options, even though they may be booked as a dual character class of service:

  • Revenue (S)
  • SkyMiles Award (SN)
  • Complimentary Medallion upgrade (SU)
  • SkyMiles Global or Regional upgrade (SY)
  • eNCI upgrade certificate (SY)

Please note:

  • Updated fare class grids and point-of-sale program documents for agencies, were electronically distributed to agencies
  • The Main Cabin fare basis code first letter will not change; however, the seventh letter will change from ‘C’ to ‘I’ for ‘S’ class bookings. Ex: MAUQA0IL
  • Corporate agreements do not need to be updated as discounts are applied based on the first letter of the fare basis code.

Pricing a Delta Comfort+ fare in 'S' Class

When booking and pricing a Delta Comfort+ fare in the GDS for Transatlantic and Transpacific markets, travel agents will need to book a customer’s reservation into ‘S’ class and use a “price as booked” entry. The lowest available Delta Comfort+ fare will be offered in ‘S’ class, if available. Travel agents should not use a “price as lowest fare and rebook” entry to price the itinerary, because the reservation is booked in ‘S’ class, this entry will rebook the customer into a lower Main Cabin fare and remove them from Delta Comfort+. If ‘S’ is not available or there are no fares in ‘S’ class, the travel agent should rebook into ‘W’ class which is the higher of the two Delta Comfort+ fares and use the "price as booked" entry.

Delta Comfort+ fares are based on dual inventory; both ‘W’ and ‘S’ class, along with the Main Cabin class of service are used to determine the fare and must be available for the PNR to price.  Delta recommends that travel agents issue the ticket immediately in order to ensure that the PNR prices at the fare quoted.

Delta Comfort+ Upgrade Certificates

Effective June 17, 2019, for travel on/after September 4, 2019, a travel agent must contact Global Sales Support (GSS) or Delta Reservations to redeem a Delta Comfort+ eNCI upgrade certificate. The terms and conditions for these certificates will be changed accordingly. All other upgrade certificates that allow redemption via the GDS will still be permitted.


A Frequently Asked Questions document is available to answer possible travel agency questions.  

For all other questions, please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

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