Self-Service Options Reminder, During Times of Peak Call Volume   

Global Sales Support at Delta strives to serve our Travel Agency Partners as quickly as possible. On peak call volume days, please remember that Delta offers additional self-service waivers available on Delta Professional for qualifying Travel Agencies with a log-in. For Travel Agencies that do not have a log-in, Delta offers self-service waivers such as Cancel Fare and Fare Increase, Main Cabin Fares to Premium Fare Ticket Exchanges, Minor Name Corrections and Duplicate Tickets on the Policy Library tab.

In addition, complete information about our published Travel Exception Policies related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)is available by selecting the “View All” link in the “Exception Policies” image on the Homepage, or by selecting the “News” tab to find the applicable “Travel Exception Policy” link in the “Exception Policies” section. Simply follow the self-service steps to assist our mutual customers.  

To stay updated on the latest regarding the COVID-19, schedule changes and waiver information, please CLICK HERE

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