Continuing to Expand on the Flexibility you Need   

Delta’s industry-leading Travel Exception Policies allow you to book with confidence and easily rebook travel through September 30, 2022. Now, Delta is working to take flexibility to the next level, with new options that empower you to quickly adapt as plans grow and change.

Here are some of tools and in-the-works solutions to make booking, changing, canceling, and rebooking travel with Delta easier, every day:

  • More Peace of Mind: You can continue to book with confidence by relying on Delta's industry-leading flexibility:

    • Today, Delta extended the Change Fee Travel Exception Policy to include tickets issued through June 30, 2020 - read more on Delta News Hub
    • Both the International and the U.S. 50 Domestic Travel Exception Policies will now allow for multiple changes to tickets, allowing even more flexibility in the event plans continue to change.
    • Qualifying tickets for Corporate, MSA and SkyBonus accounts now receive unlimited complimentary name changes.
  • Reissuing Tickets Made Easy: We're working with ATPCO, the GDSs and our partners to develop an innovative, automated solution to waive change fees and allow tickets to be reissued with extended validity dates.  This solution is on track to launch in June, and we're excited to share more details soon.

    • Once the automated solution is available, it will no longer be necessary for you to add the change fee waiver to your tickets; historical fare rules will be updated to indicate the waived change fee.
    • Expiration dates for most tickets that fall within the dates outlined in our COVID-19 Travel Exception Policies have already been extended for travel through September 30, 2022; all eligible tickets will be extended and available to be exchanged by the end of May.
    • Until the automated solution is available, any of these expired tickets may be exchanged manually.
    • Note: The automated solution will not include the cabin to cabin or class to class waivers, and it only covers the first change. For the cabin to cabin or class to class waivers or if additional changes are being made to the ticket, the appropriate waiver code will need to be added to the ticket.
  • Simplified Travel Exception Policy Navigation:

    • Delta’s Travel Exception Policies provide flexibility for a multitude of situations. Now with just a few clicks, you can identify which policy applies to a ticket using the new interactive Travel Exception Policy Finder available on Delta Professional. This empowers you to input details from an original ticket and new itinerary, to identify which policy best applies.
    • A newly-launched Travel Exception Policy Chart offers a quick, at-a-glance comparison of policies, always at your fingertips.



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