New COVID Testing Requirements for Travel Between U.S. and China - Effective November 6   

Beginning November 6, all passengers flying from the U.S. to China are required to have a negative certificate for COVID PCR test in addition to a negative serum IgM Antibody test taken within 48 hours of departure

To certify status, Chinese passengers must upload both PCR and IgM test results to WeChat in order to receive a green health code with the “HS” mark required for boarding. Non-Chinese passengers must email the scanned copies of their negative PCR test, IgM test results, and signed health declaration form to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate based on consular district

For clarity, Delta’s current U.S. to China operation with a technical stopover in Seoul is considered a direct flight and no additional testing will be required in Korea. If passengers transit in another country prior to entering China, a second round of PCR and IgM test must be taken in that other country and submitted 48 hours prior to departure in that other country of transit. 

Please note the existing process upon arrival into China remains. Passengers must present a completed Health Declaration Form and will still be: (1) subject to a health screening; (2) required to take a COVID Nucleic Acid test; and (3) required to undergo a 14-day compulsory quarantine at their own expense. 

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