Delta CareStandard Sky Partner Report   

The Delta CareStandard Sky Partner Report is the industry’s first customized report that offers you insight into the industry-leading care efforts Delta is providing to enhance flexibility and reliability and build confidence in a safe return to the skies.

Offering you the detail-specific insights you need to make business decisions that support the needs of your travelers, here's what you can expect in the Delta CareStandard Sky Partner Report:

  • New metrics and stats that provide you with a customized view of your accounts’ 2021 return to travel progress.
  • Transparent, easy-to-understand details into account-level and system-level year-to-date Completion Factor and On-Time Arrivals data.
  • Visibility into your hard dollar savings from our newly implemented “no change fee” policy.
  • Tailored insight into your travelers' post-travel survey results.

With your customized Delta CareStandard Sky Partner Report, Delta continues to provide you with the information that matters most to your business, to instill confidence for you and your travelers in returning to travel.

To get your customized Delta CareStandard Sky Partner Report, please contact your Delta Sales Account Manager.

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