Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi Building the Foundation for Delta’s Next-Generation Onboard Experience   

  • High-speed connectivity coming soon to customers, with plans to equip nearly all domestic mainline fleet with enhanced connectivity by the end of 2022 

  • New Delta Portal Platform, coming this summer, lets customers connect, purchase, browse and stream at high-speed from their device of choice 

Whether at home, at work, or on the go, the ways we use our personal devices are rapidly evolving. The need for reliable and fast connectivity has never been more important, which is why Delta is outfitting nearly all of its domestic mainline fleet with best-in-class high-speed Wi-Fi by the end of 2022.  

The airline will initially equip more than 300 aircraft with high-speed (Ka-Band) satellite connectivity, powered by Viasat, by the end of 2021 – setting in motion an aggressive installation timeline and scale to modernize the onboard experience. 

“Technology and entertainment are key parts of our customers’ lives,” said Byron Merritt – V.P. of Brand Experience. “By equipping our fleet with enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities, we are taking steps to ensure we can adapt to the different ways our customers will use technology during their journey both today and in the future.” 

The new Wi-Fi system delivers a reliable and streaming quality connection to everyone onboard – a critical capability for Delta’s vision for the future customer experience. Beginning in June, customers on Viasat-enabled aircraft will have access to enhanced connectivity for a simple and consistent $8 per flight per device no matter their destination. Simply join the network on a laptop or mobile device and purchase Wi-Fi access using the new Delta Portal Platform – the front page to the onboard experience coming later this summer to Viasat-enabled aircraft. 

With the Delta Portal Platform customers will be able to connect, purchase, browse and stream from their device of choice. The Delta Portal Platform also gives customers access to free messaging available today and their favorite services at no extra charge. And the platform is built to evolve as customer needs change, with new features planned for later this year. 

As additional aircraft are outfitted with enhanced connectivity and the Delta Portal Platform, customers can expect a unified and consistent Delta-branded experience across all Viasat-enabled aircraft.   

Delta’s first Viasat-enabled aircraft, a new Airbus A321ceo, will enter regular service on May 1. The company will test and closely monitor connectivity performance on this initial aircraft, with additional aircraft scheduled to enter service in June beginning with remaining new A321ceos, 737-900 and 757-200 aircraft – fleets that historically operate on routes with high customer volume. The airline plans to outfit these fleets with the new service by the end of 2021.  

High-speed connectivity is just the start. Over the past few years, Delta has added seatback screens to almost all its mainline fleet* and brought even more industry-leading content onboard. The airline is continuously adding new hit movies and TV shows to Delta Studio, along with offering captivating podcasts, health and wellness content, live satellite TV access and carefully curated spotlight collections.  

Whether catching up on a favorite TV show through the seatback screen, streaming your favorite content or staying connected to the ground with free messaging, the airline is changing what is possible across the customer journey and building for the future. 

With enhanced Wi-Fi service onboard coming this year, critically-acclaimed in-flight entertainment content, industry leading rewards, reimagined snacks and beverages onboard and more destinations to visit in 2021, customers have even more to look forward to as they reclaim the joy travel. 

* Delta’s 717 fleet is not equipped with seatback in-flight entertainment.

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