Qualifying unused tickets may be rebooked, reissued via GDS through year-end 2023   

In January, Delta announced its industry-leading ticket validity extension through year-end 2023. This gave customers with existing unused tickets an additional year of flexibility for making changes, and the ability to rebook and reissue their ticket by December 31, 2023, for travel in 2024.*

Furthermore, Delta customers with upcoming travel in 2022 or with tickets purchased in 2022, also have the flexibility to rebook and reissue their ticket through December 31, 2023, for travel in 2024.

Delta is focused on providing you with the flexibility your business and travelers need. Ticket validity has been updated in Delta’s system. No further action needs to be taken by our travel agency partners to ensure these tickets remain open for use. These exchange transactions will be submitted for normal settlement via ARC and BSP. For more details, please visit the Agent Resources tab on Delta Professional here.

*Travel dates up to 331 days from date of ticket exchange for travel in 2024. 

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