The CDC Issues a Temporary Suspension for Dogs from High Risk Countries Into the U.S.   

Effective July 14, 2021, the CDC has instated a temporary suspension for dogs imported from countries that are considered high risk for dog rabies. This includes dogs, including service animals, arriving from countries not at high risk if the dogs have been in any high-risk country during the previous 6 months. We strongly advise passengers wishing to travel with their dog to review the FAQ provided by the CDC. 

Delta is strongly advising customers who are traveling with a dog to/from any of the high-risk countries to the U.S., to complete all travel before the suspension goes into effect on July 14, 2021.

Please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations, if you have questions or need assistance with a customer who qualifies to make changes to a reservation, due to the temporary CDC suspension for dogs.

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