Enhanced Schedule Change Rebooking Policy Now Extended Through March 2022 - UPDATE   

Delta has extended its interim Schedule Change Reaccommodation policy for Domestic (U.S. 50 and Canada) departures through March 31, 2022. Previously the policy was extended for travel through January 31, 2022.

UPDATED: In addition to the extension, if the same class of service is not available for reaccommodation, Delta will allow rebooking into the next available class of service in the Main Cabin, and in any class of service in the same cabin, for other cabins.

The new flights must be rebooked using the same origin and destination, and the same date or one (1) calendar day before or one (1) calendar day after the affected date on the original ticket. The additional flexibility will provide travel agencies and customers with more flight options when assisting with itineraries that have been affected by a schedule change.

Reminder: When assisting with schedule changes, Delta has also eliminated the need for Travel Agencies to enter the following documentation in the endorsement box when reissuing a ticket:

  • SKD CHG DL1234 25JUL2021

For full details on Delta‚Äôs Schedule Change policy and documentation requirements, please visit Delta Professional.

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