The Corporate Traveler Experience Enhanced with Onboard Recognition   

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Delta recently announced it is leveraging big data to drive thoughtful customer service in the sky by recognizing and thanking customers for their loyalty to Delta while in flight.

As part of this corporate-wide recognition effort and expansion of Corporate Priority from the Delta Edge suite of benefits, Onboard Recognition is now available for corporate travelers. In addition to this benefit, corporate travelers will continue to be recognized through the Check-in Recognition feature of Delta Edge.

“Onboard recognition is just another example of how we’re continuing to go the extra mile to ensure that you and your travelers have what you need, when you need it – providing value beyond contract,” said Bob Somers, Delta’s Senior Vice President-Global Sales. “We are committed to continuing to enhance and innovate for our customers, and their travelers, and raising the bar for the whole industry.”

How it Works 
Delta’s flight attendants are now empowered to better engage with your corporate travelers in flight with an innovative new Guest Service Tool on their handheld devices in an effort to personalize the travel experience. Delivering a best-in-class corporate traveler experience is just one more way Delta continues to enhance our Delta Edge suite of benefits.

Flight attendants have a prioritized list of customers to recognize on each domestic flight based on details like Medallion status, achieved milestones, recent flight interruptions and standing as a corporate traveler. This enables flight attendants to quickly identify the customer and personalize the engagement. Corporate travelers will be included in the prioritized list and may be recognized.

Corporate Travel Managers can opt-in through the Activate button in the Onboard Recognition tab on the Delta Edge app via Delta Professional. Because of Delta's respect for traveler privacy, the company name supplied during the activation/opt-in process will not be visible to the flight attendants.

For more information on the Onboard Recognition program, please contact your Delta Sales Account Executive or visit Delta Professional.

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