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Delta Air Lines And All Wholly Owned Subsidiaries – 2019 Debit Memo Policy

January 1, 2019


Travel Agents Obligations are described in IATA Resolution 824, in which it is stated the Agent should issue tickets in compliance with Carrier’s fares, fare rules, general conditions of carriage and written instructions of the carrier as provided to the Agent.  Without limitation, accuracy and completeness of booking and ticketing is the responsibility of the travel agent. Airlines have the right to audit and send ADM’s for all transactions. Delta policy for audit and memo issuance will be handled per IATA Resolution 850m.

Audit Scope – Including But Not Limited To

Issuances, refunds, reissue/exchange transactions with automated or manual fare quotes



All fare elements for published and negotiated programs (including Private, Corporate, TO and Group fares and conditions) and YQ/YR, commissions and taxes

Collection of all applicable administrative charges or other fees, surcharges and additional collections if applicable (vMPD, EMD, MCO, eMCO)

Contract of Carriage

Recall commission related to refund and exchange

Booking Policy Abuse – Including but not limited to:  churning, inactive segments, passive segments, duplicate bookings, fraudulent and fictitious bookings, invalid name changes, missing secure flight passenger data, inventory circumvention

Collection of all applicable administrative charges or other fees, surcharges and additional collections if applicable

Sales reporting and remittance requirements

Baggage Allowance, Ancillary fees

Credit card acceptance and billing procedures

The Agency Debit Memo (ADM) will provide detail supporting the issuance of the ADM and the basis for Delta’s claim.  The ADM will provide contact information to channel inquiries.

ADM Minimum Amount - Delta reserves the right to raise a debit memo without limitation of minimum value. 

Administrative Fee - Delta reserves the right to apply Administrative Fees for specific transactions and scenarios.

Payment Terms - ADMs are Due upon Receipt.  Unresolved debit memos are subject to the following:

  • $75 USD late fee
  • Placement with outside collection agency
  • Interruption of booking and ticketing ability
  • Termination of Delta appointment

Note:  Payment of ADM constitutes final resolution.  If, in error, a debit memo is paid twice, a credit memo will be issued less the applicable processing fee.

Dispute Process - Delta complies with Industry Best Practices, accepting valid, timely disputes for ADMs. Disputes must comply with local reporting requirements and include valid dispute reasoning and supporting documentation.  ADM disputes can be submitted via:

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