Paper Tickets   

Delta requires all tickets to be issued as Electronic Tickets (ET) if the itinerary is ET eligible. US-based travel agencies that participate in ARC settlement have the ability to issue paper miscellaneous charge orders and paper tickets for any non-ET eligible transactions. If a US-based travel agency issues a paper ticket for an ET eligible itinerary, a $50.00/USD paper ticket fee applies.

Paper Ticket Fee

  • All tickets within electronic eligible markets default to electronic ticketing

  • When the itinerary is ET eligible and the customer requests paper coupons, a $50.00/USD paper ticket service charge will apply

Please note: Travel agencies in the US no longer have the ability to print ET coupons to paper for exchanges, refunds or voids. However, they may exchange an agency issued paper ticket for a new Electronic Ticket (ET).

For questions regarding paper tickets, please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

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