Bereavement Fare – Domestic Travel   

In the event of a death of an immediate family member, a customer may have to travel at the last minute. Customers may not have the time to qualify for an advance purchase discounted fare. To help our mutual customers, we offer special fares for bereavement travel.

Reservations must be booked and ticketed by Delta Air Lines. Travel agents may contact Delta Reservations for booking, pricing, and program rules.

Applicable Markets

The Bereavement Policy applies for travel:

Immediate Family Member Definition

The list of immediate family includes any adopted/great/half/step/in-law version of the list below.



Spouse (Husband/Wife)


Domestic Partner


Child (Son/Daughter) 

Military human remains escort

Sibling (Brother/Sister)

Clergy presiding over services





Valid for SkyMiles members who need to travel due to the death of an immediate family member. If the customer is not currently a SkyMiles member, they may immediately join SkyMiles by enrolling via

Required Documentation

The following information is required so customers can purchase a ticket using discounted Bereavement Fares:

  • Relationship to the deceased
  • Name and phone number of funeral home, hospital, or hospice doctor's name (if applicable)


Terms & Conditions

Purchase Requirements

Customers may book a maximum of seven (7) days in advance of travel. Ticketing is required at time of booking.  Required documentation is subject to verification.

For domestic travel related to imminent death, please contact Delta Reservations and inquire about Delta's Medical Emergency Fare program

For international travel related to imminent death or bereavement, please contact Delta Reservations and inquire about Delta's International Bereavement Fare Program.

Minimum/Max Stay

Per published fare rule

Stopover / Open Jaw
  • Stopovers are not permitted.
  • A single open jaw is permitted only if the published fare rule allows.
  • Open returns are not permitted.
  • Double Open Jaws and multi-component Circle Trips are not permitted.
Same Day Travel/Standby
  • Customers may use Same Day Travel; fee does not apply.
  • Customers may use Paid Standby; fee does not apply.

Contact Delta Reservations for assistance.

Reservation Changes

Contact Delta Reservations for assistance.

Refunds of Tickets issued for Bereavement Policy

Contact Delta Reservations for assistance.

Refund of Previously Ticketed Customers (not tickets issued for Bereavement Policy)

Ticketed customers may receive a refund if death has occurred within 30 days of the scheduled travel date:

  • Refund is offered due to death of ticketed customer
  • Refund is offered due to death of immediate family member
  • Any companion traveling with a customer impacted by the death of a family member would also be eligible for a refund

 Travel Companions and immediate family members:

  • Full refund of remaining coupons
  • Copy of death certificate required
  • Mail to Passenger Refunds  

Other lower, more restrictive fares may be available. Other restrictions may apply.

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