Lost Ticket Application (LTA) Policy   

Delta's Lost Ticket Policy

If your customer's paper ticket has been lost, stolen, or damaged; you can complete a Lost Ticket Application. Customers have the option to continue travel even if the ticket is lost. If the customer finds his or her lost ticket, they can return the ticket to Delta to avoid additional charges in some cases.

Travel Agency Process

  • Complete the lost ticket application when reporting a lost or stolen ticket validated on Delta

  • A new ticket must be purchased and reported as a new sale when replacing a lost ticket

    • To secure the original advance purchased fare, a waiver code must be obtained from Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations and placed on the new ticket. A debit memo will be issued if a waiver code is not indicated on the new ticket.

    • If submitting LTA on behalf of a passenger, enclose a copy of the agent's coupon of the lost ticket
  • A processing fee of $100(USD) per ticket (except conjunction tickets) will apply and will be deducted from the refund.

  • To prevent delays in processing:

    • The form must be completed in full and must contain the passenger's signature

    • Verify with the customer if they have already submitted an application (only one application per lost tickets)
  • Refund requests will be honored provided application has been made within 12 months (1 year) of the original ticket issue date.

  • Allow approximately 30-90 days for processing the refund.

Note: LTAs are applicable to paper tickets only.

Request A Lost Ticket Application

Currently, Delta's Lost Ticket applications are not electronic and require a passenger signature. To request an application, please forward the following information to Agency@delta.com:

  • Agency Name & ARC number

  • Agency telephone number  

  • Send to the Attention of

  • Street Address

  • City, State, Zip

  • Country

  • Quantity

Completed Application

Mail the completed application to passenger refunds at the following address:

Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Passenger Refunds
700 South Central Ave., 4th Floor
Atlanta, GA. 30354

Contact: 800-847-0578 (Select prompt 1 for status of refund)

For more information, visit Lost Tickets on delta.com.

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