Europe - Train Service from AMS   

Thalys Train Service

Service between Schiphol and Antwerp-Central Station (ZWE) and Amsterdam Airport (AMS) and Brussels Midi Station (ZYR) is carried out by Thalys high speed trains and can be booked under KL* (KLM codeshare) only.               

Please do not book a segment using 9B code.

Thalys high speed trains to ZWE and ZYR cannot provide certain special services. Therefore, the following special service requests will be *denied*:                   

  • Odd-size baggage (bike, surfboards, etc.) that will not fit in the train baggage bin

  • Pets in Cabin - PETC

  • Pets in Hold - AVIH

  • Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR)

  • Meet and Assist (MAAS)

  • Stretcher Service (STCR)

  • Wheelchair Service (WCHS/WCHC)

Please note: If passengers want to travel with an animal, they must contact Thalys directly (KLM cannot make those arrangements). Passengers must also carry their own luggage to/from the trains.  

Acceptance of Ticket

Customers need to contact the Dutch or Belgium railway counter and present their e-ticket trip summary and receipt on the day of departure in order to obtain a rail ticket for the Thalys train they have booked.

  • E-Tickets must be exchanged for train tickets at the international desks of the railway stations at AMS/ZWE/ZYR. Exchange at other railway stations is not possible.
  • E-Ticket exchange is possible as early as 2 hours prior to departure from AMS or ZYR or ZWE. The latest possible exchange time is 15 minutes before departure.
  • The exchange is only possible on presentation of a valid trip summary receipt. The passenger must provide an official document (ID card or passport document) showing he/she is the beneficiary of the flight ticket. Names on official document & on KL ticket must be the same.  
  • Once a flight coupon has been exchanged for a train ticket, it is not possible to exchange the train ticket again for a flight coupon.
  • Once the ticket coupon has been exchanged to a train ticket it is only valid on the booked flight/train and date.
  • Coupons of the e-Ticket must be used in sequence issued.
  • Refunds, when permitted by the fare rules, are only possible if the e-Ticket has not been    exchanged for a train ticket.
  • Once the ticket coupon has been exchanged to a train ticket it is non-refundable.
Stations Handling Airrail e-Ticket Exchanges                        
  • Brussels South Railway Station: at the NMBS – SNCB Europe - Europe departure today zone (opening hours 05h45-21h30)  
  • Antwerp Central Railway Station: at the international ticket desk (opening hours 05h45-21h30)
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: at the international desk  (open hours Monday through Saturday 06h15-21h15 / Sunday 06h30-21h15)                                                                   
Other Specifics
  • Effective February 2015, there is a transfer surcharge on train segments for KL on all origins and destinations to/from Belgium with a train segment (ZYR or ZWE). Transfer amounts are at 56 per segment for KL fares (via a Q or TF surcharge).This surcharge is shown in the fare notes paragraph TF or surcharge and will appear in the fare calculation box.

  • The e-ticket does not have to be a KL (074) document.

  • Booking classes J,C,D,I,Z,Y,B,M,U will be First Class train tickets. Other booking classes will be Second Class train tickets. 

  • The minimum connecting time at AMS for train to flight is 90 minutes. 
  • The minimum connecting time at AMS for flight to train is 60 minutes.
  • Passengers will not accrue Flying Blue Miles for Thalys train travel. 
  • No YR surcharge applicable on these train-operated segments.   
  • No train ticket is required for infants.

  • Baggage will only be checked to/from AMS - normal check-in deadlines in AMS apply.

  • Group requests are not possible on the Thalys train.
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