SkyMiles® - Complimentary Medallion/Elite Upgrades   

Medallion members receive unlimited Complimentary Upgrades for themselves and a travel companion. The upgrades are booked in R/O inventory, are subject to availability and are valid with most published fares on Delta Air Lines (DL) and Delta-designated Codeshare flights with R/O inventory.



First Class

Delta OneTM/Business Class

Complimentary Medallion Upgrades are automatically requested for the Medallion member when booking via a Delta agent, a travel agency, or For detailed program information and an overview of the benefits click on Medallion upgrade benefit.

Agency Booking and Ticketing

Upgrades are automatically requested for an eligible PNR (Passenger Name Record) - on applicable flights if all passengers are Medallion level members. The SSR: SSRFQTU, is automatically added when the agency ends the PNR. A coach ticket must be issued for the upgrade to clear. When the upgrade clears, the segment shows HK in R class or O class in the agency PNR.

When reservations are changed, the automated process will request an upgrade for the new eligible flights. However, upgrade clearance is triggered only when the ticket has been reissued. For travel agencies with two step invoicing, a 3-minute delay was built into the upgrade process which allows the agency to complete their transactions before the update clears.

If the elite member does not wish to upgrade, the booking agent must contact DL or refer the customer to if they do not want the auto upgrade.

Companion Travel

Medallion members are entitled to Complimentary Upgrades for one companion per segment when traveling on the same flight.

If a General member companion is traveling, the agency must contact Delta to request the upgrade.

  • The companion must be a SkyMiles Member.
  • The PNR must be ticketed in order to clear R or O.
  • Eligible fares include most published fares not booked in L, U, or T class of service.

Area of Travel

Upgrades are subject to availability and are valid on most published Main Cabin fares on Delta, and certain Delta-designated codeshare flights in North America within or between the United States (excluding Hawaii) and:

  • Bermuda
  • Canada
  • Central and South America ¹
  • The Caribbean
  • Mexico

¹Exceptions apply for this area of travel. See terms and conditions.

Fares Application

Fares not eligible for mileage credit are not eligible for complimentary upgrade.


Changes are governed by the rules of the fare.


Complimentary Medallion Upgrade is only applicable on Delta designated codeshare flights with R/O inventory.

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