Extra Seat - Personal Comfort   

Passengers may wish to purchase an ‘Extra Seat’ for personal comfort during travel. Travel agents may use the following information as a guideline for information regarding purchase of an extra seat for comfort on Delta-marketed, Delta-operated flights.   For all other itineraries and for additional information regarding purchasing an Extra Seat, travel agents should contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

General Information

Delta does not require a passenger who needs a seatbelt extender or is unable to lower the armrest to purchase an additional seat. However, please be aware that if a passenger impedes on another passenger, they may be asked to move to another location that provides additional space, or in the event of a full flight, be asked to take a later flight with available seating.

To avoid this situation and for the passengers personal comfort, Delta recommends that passengers purchase an additional seat.

Please Note: Delta has the right to charge for all seats occupied.

Making a New Reservation to include an Extra Seat for Personal Comfort

To make a reservation for an extra seat to accommodate a customer’s personal comfort:

  • Create the new Passenger Name Record (PNR) using the passenger’s last name and EXST as the first name for the extra seat.

  • Enter Passenger Type Codes (PTC) to match the number of seats requested. For the passenger’s seat use ADT and for the additional seat(s) use OTS or whatever PTC the GDS requires.

  • Add the SFPD information for the extra seat (Gender and Date of Birth (DOB) should match that of the passenger.

  • Assign seats next to each other.

  • Add applicable ticketing endorsements for the fare and include the following text to the endorsement for PTC A:

  • Add applicable ticketing endorsements for the fare and include the following text to the endorsement for PTC B:

  • Add an SSR for the PTC B (Extra Seat passenger) and include the name of the traveling passenger in the description free form field:


Please note: GDS entries for the PTC and SSR fields may vary. Please contact your GDS Help Desk if you need assistance. For all other questions please contact  Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

Additional Information

Basic Economy Fares

Basic Economy fares may not be used to purchase an extra seat ticket because a seat assignment is required and Basic Economy fares do not allow an advanced seat assignment.

Itinerary Changes

The Administrative Service Charge (ASC) for an itinerary change is only paid on the passenger's ticket, not the extra seat ticket.

Wholly Unused Ticket

For wholly unused, nonrefundable tickets, the value of the extra seat ticket may only be used for a new ticket in the passenger's name. The extra seat ticket is not transferable.


Carry-on baggage is ONLY permitted for the passenger and NOT the extra seat. When a passenger purchases an extra seat, they are entitled to checked baggage allowances/restrictions for each ticket/seat.

Seat Assignments

Whenever possible, assign adjacent seats that are only two abreast, unless there is another passenger traveling.

Please note: Do not assign seats in the exit row. Emergency exit row seats do not have moveable armrests and seat belt extensions are not permitted in the exit row.

If you need assistance assigning two seats together, please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations. 


Complimentary Upgrades

If a Medallion member would like to be waitlisted for a Complimentary Medallion Upgrade, the PNR will need to be divided. Please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

Please advise the Medallion member that there are no refunds for the extra seat if using a nonrefundable fare, if the complimentary upgrade clears.

SkyMiles Awards

SkyMiles awards may be redeemed for the extra seat.

SkyMiles Credit

SkyMiles credit is not automatically tracked for the purchase of an extra seat and must be requested by the SkyMiles member after travel. For additional information, please contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations  for assistance.


Joint Venture (JV) Partner Policies

When making a reservation for an Extra Seat, please note that PNRs with a mixture of DL operated and AM, AF, KL, KE, VS, or VA operated flights are not permitted.

For assistance with reservations for an Extra Seat that include carriers other than Delta, please contact Global Sales Support or  Delta Reservations for assistance.

The following links provide Joint Venture partner information related to policy and procedures regarding an extra seat for personal comfort or a phone number to call to request information:


Air France/KLM

Korean Air

Virgin Atlantic


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