Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) Service    Updated August 01, 2017

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The following guidelines apply to worldwide travel on Delta and Delta Connection carriers. For  information regarding our joint venture partners' Air France and KLM Unaccompanied Minor policy, visit agentconnect.biz.

Please note: Delta will not accept a UMNR request if the itinerary does not include a flight operated by Delta, Air France and/or KLM. Delta may not accept UMNR requests on itineraries that include other airlines (OAL) even if the itinerary includes a Delta-operated flight. This restriction applies to all itineraries ticketed on Delta 006 ticket stock, including tickets issued using miles from a SkyMiles account.


Unaccompanied Minor - Special Services

Delta provides special services for children who are flying by themselves. Children 5-14 years of age traveling without an adult (18 years plus) are considered an Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) and must participate in the UMNR program.

Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) service is mandatory for ages 5-14. Children ages 15-17 are not required to have unaccompanied service; however, we will provide the service if requested. The UMNR service fee will apply.


Delta's Dedicated UMNR Phone Number

To better serve Unaccompanied Minors (UMNRs) traveling on Delta flights, Delta launched a dedicated Unaccompanied Minor phone number to assist with UNMRs. The dedicated phone number is 800-325-8847 and may be used by travel agents or customers who have questions regarding Delta’s UMNR program.


Contact Delta for Assistance

It is important that the UMNR is identified in the PNR prior to departure. If a passenger’s Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) indicates, by the date of birth, that the traveler is a minor, and the minor is traveling alone, Delta requires additional UMNR information be entered in the PNR.  To provide the best service possible, when making UMNR reservations, travel agents may call the new UMNR designated phone number noted above or Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance entering UMNR information in the PNR.


Unaccompanied Minor Tracking

Delta implemented new barcoded wristbands that will be scanned at important points of our Unaccompanied Minor's journey. Scan events support Delta's Unaccompanied Minors policy and are part of a larger effort that will eventually allow customers to have added visibility to their unaccompanied minor’s location while traveling with Delta.


Unaccompanied Minor Policy Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to worldwide travel on Delta and Delta Connection carriers except as noted below.

Rules for our JV partners are addressed in the below links.


Unaccompanied Minor – Age (UMNR)

Routing Restrictions


4 years of age and younger

Not permitted to travel alone. Must be accompanied by a passenger at least 18 years of age.

5-7 Enrolled in UMNR Program

Routings Permitted

  • Non-stop flights operated by DL, DL Connection, AF or KL
  • Thru flights (change of gauge not permitted)

Routings Not Permitted

  • Connecting itineraries
  • Any flight not operated by DL, DL Connection, AF or KL
  • Domestic (Within the U.S. 50, or between the U.S. 50 and U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico) non-stop red eye flights greater than 2 hours in duration departing between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.


  • Permitted on non-stop red eye flights meeting the following conditions:
    • Departing to/from Alaska or Hawaii
    • International non-stop flights

8-14 Enrolled in UMNR Program


15-17 Enrolled in UMNR Program

Routings Permitted

  • Flights operated by DL, DL Connection, AF or KL
  • Thru flights (change of gauge permitted)

Note- Can only connect to other DL, DL Connection, AF or KL flights.

Routings Not Permitted

  • Last connecting flight of the day
  • Any flight not operated by DL, DL Connection, AF or KL
  • Domestic (Within the U.S. 50, or between the U.S. 50 and U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico) red eye flights greater than 2 hours in duration departing between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.


  • Permitted on connection flights:
    • Markets with only one flight option which is the last flight of the day or a red eye (Note: If qualifying connection flight available, last flight of the day or red eye would not be permitted.)
  • Permitted on red eye flights meeting the following conditions:
    • Departing to/from Alaska or Hawaii
    • Connecting to/from an international flight operated by DL, AF or KL


15-17 Not Enrolled in UMNR Program

  • If traveling with an UMNR age 5-14, the most restrictive routing rules apply (Note: UMNR age 5-14 must be enrolled as an UMNR).
  • Children 15-17 are not required to have UMNR service but we will provide it when requested.
  • The UMNR escort service is not available for any passenger over the age of 17. Delta offers the Meet and Assist (MAAS) service for customers with disabilities.
  • If a passenger requires full monitoring during a connection, Delta recommends that they travel with a companion.
  • When assigning a seat, please assign a window seat closest to the rear of the aircraft.
  • An unaccompanied minor pays the applicable fare for travel used. There is no child discount.
  • Standby is not permitted. All UMNRs must be confirmed to their final destination.
  • UMNRs traveling with an animal:

    • as carry-on in cabin are permitted to travel with unaccompanied minors.

    • as checked baggage are permitted to travel with unaccompanied minors.

  • UMNRs are escorted and supervised by Delta In-flight Airport Customer Service and Delta contracted employees.
  • Delta reserves the right to refuse transport of UMNR for whom no UMNR service charge has been paid.
  • Delta's UMNR service is governed by the following Tariff Rules:

    • Domestic General Rule 50

    • International Rule 26

Important Note: For flights operated by Delta's codeshare partners, please contact Delta directly as unaccompanied minor requirements may vary.

If you have additional questions, please contact Delta Reservations.


Preparing For Travel

  • Parent/Guardian may print and complete this form to present to the customer service agent upon check-in.
  • Ensure that the unaccompanied child has all the required documents when traveling internationally. Some countries require special documentation, such as a notarized letter, stating that the unaccompanied child has permission to fly alone. Usually the parent/guardian should contact the nearest embassy / consulate.
  • In Nice, France (NCE), an Air France employee brings the UMNR to the gate one hour and 15 minutes before scheduled departure. For this reason, Delta recommends that all UMNRs check in at the NCE airport three hours before scheduled departure.
  • Plan for any necessary medical needs. We cannot administer medicine to children flying alone. If a child is unable to give himself/herself medication, other travel arrangements must be made.
  • Advise the parent/guardian to contact the person who will pick up your child at the destination airport to let them know they will have to show identification and sign an Acceptance of Responsibility form.


Important Tips for Unaccompanied Minor Travel


When making a reservation for an unaccompanied minor, please contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations to ensure that the travel is correctly documented.


Advise customer to keep carry-on baggage for unaccompanied minor to a minimum, and attach ID and contact information on or inside the  carry-on and checked baggage.

Entertainment and Food

Most flights do not offer meal service, advise customers to pack food for the flight, as well as books, games and other entertainment for the unaccompanied minor.

Special Needs

Advise customer to explain the following flight procedures to their child:

  • Kids traveling alone should speak only to Delta Air Lines agents if they need help or have questions.

  • They should never leave the airport, the gate area or the aircraft unless accompanied by a Delta Air Lines representative wearing a badge.

In addition, advise customer to let a Delta gate agent know if their child has any special needs so we can ensure a safe, secure and uneventful flight.

Provide Important Information

The person making the reservation (parent or guardian) for the unaccompanied minor will be asked to choose a 4 digit PIN configuration. This PIN will be required to make any future changes to the Unaccompanied Minor contact information. View the news archive on Delta Professional Travel Agency website, for information regarding additional security requirements for Unaccompanied minor travel.


At The Airport

  • The child must be confirmed to his/her final destination as standby is not permitted.
  • Delta requires identification and signature of the person meeting the child and will not release to anyone other than the person named.

Note: Adults meeting or escorting unaccompanied minors must go to the gate for pickup or drop-off and must obtain a pass at the ticket counter to proceed through airport security.

The UMNR must be brought to the airport by a parent/guardian. Delta recommends arriving at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to departure time for domestic flights (within the U.S. 50) and 2 hours prior to departure time for international flights. Please keep in mind, some airports have specific cut off times for check-in.

Upon arrival at the airport, proceed to the Delta Air Lines counter and look for the Special Services line to see an agent for assistance. Check-in can not be completed using self service options such as online or a kiosk. Unaccompanied Minors are required to see an agent to check-in.

NOTE: In Nice, France (NCE), an Air France employee brings the UMNR to the gate one hour and 15 minutes before scheduled departure.  For this reason, Delta recommends that all UMNRs check in at the NCE airport three hours before scheduled departure.


Unaccompanied Minor Check-In Requirements

The following information is required at time of check-in:

  • Information specific to the adult checking-in the unaccompanied minor to include:

    • Identification (e.g.: drivers license)

    • Address as shown on identification

    • Phone number – number provided to agent will be used for contact in case of any changes and as an emergency contact

  • Information specific to the adult picking up the unaccompanied minor at their destination to include:

    • Name of adult picking up at destination

    • Address as shown on identification

    • Phone number to contact

Once the information is collected by the agent the next steps are:

  • Payment of the unaccompanied minor fee (one way or round trip) and any additional fees such as checked baggage
  • Program rules will be reviewed such as:

    • Verifying the information is correct

    • Advising that, if the pickup person at the destination changes, you must call reservations (1-800-221-1212) to provide the new information

    • If upon arrival someone other than the person named is at the destination to pick up the child, a Delta representative will contact the person in the origin who dropped off the child before release will be permitted to the new person

    • At the point of departure, acknowledge that the adult must remain at the gate until the flight is off the ground

    • Advise the adult picking up the child to obtain a gate pass

  • Once the program rules are reviewed the adult will be required to sign a document stating all the information provided is understood and is correct

Agent will complete the check-in process by:

  • Affixing a wristband around the wrist of the child for identification purposes
  • Filling out the envelope that will be used during the trip to include:

    • All travel documents (boarding cards, unaccompanied minor forms, etc)

    • Any additional documents (Passports, receipts, baggage claims, etc)


Gate Procedures

Unaccompanied Minor – Departure Gate Procedures
  • Upon arrival at the gate, check-in with the gate agent for verification purposes.
  • Unaccompanied minor will board at the beginning of the boarding process.

Please note: The child will not be permitted to board the aircraft if the adult escorting them is not present at time of boarding.

  • Once the plane is off the ground the adult who has escorted the unaccompanied minor will be permitted to depart the gate area – this ensures that, if an irregular operation occurs, the child is escorted at all times.
Unaccompanied Minor – Arrival Gate Procedures
  • Upon arrival at the airport, the adult picking up the unaccompanied minor will be required to check-in at the ticket counter to obtain a gate pass.
  • Gate pass can only be issued by seeing an agent (Special Services line).
  • Arrive at the gate prior to aircraft arrival.
  • A Delta representative will bring the child from the aircraft to the gate.
  • Provide identification for verification purposes to the Delta representative.
  • Once the ID has been verified the adult will be required to sign a release form.
  • The child will be released and the adult will be given any documents such as passport, boarding cards, receipts, baggage claim, etc.


Child and Adult Traveling in Separate Cabins (Ages 5-14)

If a child age 5-14 is traveling with a confirmed-ticket passenger 18 years old or older but in a separate cabin, the child must be enrolled in the unaccompanied minor (UMNR) program, but the UMNR fee, seating and routing restrictions do not apply.


Service Charge

The following charges are only for the Delta and Delta Connection operated portion of the itinerary. If your itinerary involves multiple carriers, you may need to pay fees for each one.


Program Fee

Program Fee information


$150 USD / CAD / EUR each way

Fee applies to Domestic and International travel (nonstop and/or connecting).

(Please note: CAD/EUR currency is used when departing Canada or Europe.)

  • The UMNR service charge is mandatory for children 5-14 when not accompanied on the same flight in the same compartment by a person at least 18 years of age or a parent/legal guardian (and parent must be at least 15 years or older).
  • Fee is mandatory when a parent/guardian elects to enter a 15-17 year old into the program.
  • Only one UMNR service charge applies for up to four (4) children traveling together on the same itinerary (does not have to be in the same PNR) who have the same contact [To Be Brought By (TBBB ) / To Be Met By (TBMB) ] information.
  • Fee can be paid one way or round trip at time of check-in or in advance through Delta Reservations.
  • Fee is non-refundable once flown.

Unaccompanied Minors Departing From Brazil, Italy or Mexico

Unaccompanied Minors Departing from Brazil

Per Brazilian legislation, Brazilian citizens under the age of 18 and traveling without both parents are required to present additional documentation in order to depart Brazil. This requirement also applies to minors with dual nationality or those born in Brazil and who are not Brazilian citizens

The requirements are as noted for passengers under the age of 18:

  • Passengers who are travelling with only one of the parents/legal guardians must have a notarized letter with authorization from the other parent/legal guardian.

  • A passenger travelling alone or accompanied by someone other than the parents/legal guardians must have a notarized letter with authorization from both parents/legal guardians.

  • Judicial authorization will be required for travel of Brazilian citizens under 18 if accompanied by an adult that is not a Brazilian citizen and resides abroad, provided (i) such adult is not the parent/legal guardian of the minor or (ii) the minor, though born in Brazil, does not have Brazilian citizenship.

Authorization is not required for minors traveling with both parents or non-Brazil citizens that were not born in Brazil.


For more information regarding Brazil documentation requirements, please click on the link below or contact the consulate in the child’s country of residence.

Click Cartilha de Viagem de Menores ao Exterior to view a guide released by Brazilian authorities. To view a standard authorization form please click: http://www.cnj.jus.br/programas-e-acoes/viagem-ao-exterior.

Unaccompanied Minors Departing from Italy

All unaccompanied minors of Italian citizenship under the age of 14 that are travelling internationally are required to have the following documents:

  •  individual passport (according to the Ministerial Circular n. 400/A/2012/23.1.3 attached);
  • dichiarazione di accompagno” duly authorized by the Police Authority (“Questura”).

The current regulation applies to:

Italian citizens under 14 years traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) - Requirement

  •  In addition to a passport, the passenger must have a notarized affidavit from the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the child confirming that the minor has permission to travel as an unaccompanied minor.

  • This document must be signed by the parent(s) or by the legal guardian(s) and authenticated by the Police Headquarters (Questura) and include the name of the airline to which the minor is entrusted.
  • Authorization is not required for minors traveling with parents.

  • Authorization is not required for non-Italian citizens.

  • Authorization is not required for UMNR 14 years and older.

The “Dichiarazione di Accompagno” forms are to be prepared and held by the UMNR, in the UMNR envelope with the UMNR passport.

Copies of the declaration are to be retained by the origination station for 5 Years.

Click Here to access the recommended authorization form for Passengers to follow in Italian.

Unaccompanied Minors Departing from Mexico

Effective January 2, 2014, Mexican law requires that Mexican citizens under the age of 18 (only Mexican citizens) departing Mexico must carry a notarized or apostilled written permission in Spanish from the parents/guardian not traveling with the child from Mexico. In addition, an English version of the document must also accompany the Spanish translation. The child must be carrying the original letter (not a facsimile or scanned copy) as well as proof of the parent/child relationship (usually a birth certificate or court document such as a custody decree, plus photocopies of both parents' government-issued identification) in addition to a passport. View a sample travel consent letter.

The new regulation applies to a minor traveling if:

  • The minor is departing Mexico (i.e. not entering)

  • Traveling by air (or sea)

  • Traveling alone or with a third party of legal age (grandparent, uncle/aunt, school group, etc.)

  • Using Mexican documents (birth certificate, passport, temporary or permanent Mexican residency)

  • Note: If minor is traveling with one parent/guardian notarized letter or apostilled is not required.

This permission must include:

  • Parents’ names

  • Child’s name

  • Name of anyone traveling with the child

  • Notarized signature of the absent parent(s)

The U.S. State Department recommends that the permission include:

  • Travel dates

  • Destinations

  • Airlines

  • Brief summary of the circumstances surrounding the travel

This regulation is not intended to apply to dual national minors (Mexican plus another nationality) if the minor is departing Mexico using the passport of the other nationality.

Travelers should contact the Mexican Embassy or the nearest Mexican consulate for current information.

Unaccompanied Minors Traveling to/from South Africa

South Africa
Documentation Requirements for All Minors Traveling to or from South Africa

Effective June 1, 2015, the South African government will enforce new documentation requirements for all children under the age of 18 when traveling to or from South Africa. Regardless of nationality, children must travel with additional documentation as required by the Department of Home Affairs - South Africa (DHA). These requirements are being implemented in an effort to help curb human trafficking. According to estimates from the DHA, 30,000 minors who travel through South African borders fall victim to the human trafficking trade every year.

Effective June 1, 2015, documentation requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • In addition to a passport, an original, unabridged, or certified (with seal or stamp) copy of the child’s full birth certificate issued within the last 3 months is required for all trips.

  • The new documentation requirements are applicable to all minors, under the age of 18. However, they may vary and additional documentation may be required, depending upon whether the minor is traveling alone, traveling with one parent or two parents or with another adult.

    • Children who are traveling unaccompanied, traveling with only one parent or traveling with an adult other than a parent, must travel with an affidavit of consent executed by the non-traveling parent(s). To view a sample affidavit, please click here .

  • All travel documents must be in English or accompanied by a certified translation

  • Exceptions may apply. Details are outlined in the DHA final immigration regulation - section six (6): Admission and Departure Subsection 10 – 12

Please note: Travelers who arrive in South Africa without the required documentation can be detained and/or deported immediately

Additional Information

Delta encourages travel partners to ensure their customers review all documentation requirements when booking minors to or from South Africa.

Please contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations for additional assistance regarding travel options for impacted customers.


For more information regarding South Africa immigration requirements, please click on the links below or contact the South African Embassy or Consulate in the child’s country of residence.

Delta Sky Zone


Delta Sky Zone provides a secure area where unaccompanied children can wait for a connecting flight. Delta Sky Zone provides various activities such as books, TV’s, games or toys. Complimentary phones to contact parent/guardians are also provided.

Delta Sky Zone is staffed by Delta Air Lines employees who provide for your child’s comfort and safety during layovers at connecting hubs and coordinate the transfer of your child from arrival to departure flights. They also provide comfort and reassurance regarding travel when needed.





 Hours of operation


  B Concourse

 Next to gate B-22

 24 hours

  C Concourse
Adjacent to C-35


  E Concourse
Across from E-11

 6:00 am - 8:00 pm




Hours of operation

May 15 - August 15

B Concourse – Gate B-14

7:00 am - 9:30 pm daily




Hours of operation


Between gates C-42 and C-44

6:00 am - midnight Daily




Hours of operation


Next to Skybox bar/under escalator coming from security checkpoint.

6:30 am - 10:00pm

New York - JFK




Hours of operation


Terminal 2 
upper level
across from Gate 24

5:00 am - midnight Daily
May 15 - September 15
Holidays - to be advised

Terminal 3 
between Gates 14 and 15

5:00 am - midnight  Daily
May 15 - September 15
Holidays - to be advised

Los Angeles



Hours of operation


Terminal 5
 - across from McDonalds
 - under the Delta Sky Club
 - between Gates 53 and 55

May 15 - September 15
winter holidays - to be advised

6:30 am - midnight





Hours of operation


Directly Across from
          Gate B9 

5:00 am - 10:00 pm

Minneapolis/St. Paul




Hours of operation


C concourse, upper level,
close to Gold connector

6:00 am - 11:00 p.m.

Salt Lake City



Hours of operation

May 25 - September 5

Christmas Holiday Season

Concourse C – midpoint

7:00 am - 9:30 pm

Concourse D – midpoint

7:00 am - 9:30 pm


Hours of operation may change without notice.

Also, FRA has a Meet and Assist lounge to host unaccompanied minors (UMNR).

For answers to common questions about children traveling alone, review the Children Traveling Alone FAQs or contact Reservation Sales to speak directly with one of our representatives.

Unaccompanied Minor FAQs

For Assistance

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about children traveling alone. For additional questions not answered below, please contact Delta Sales support or Delta Reservation for assistance.

What Happens When it's Time for a Child Traveling Alone to Board the Aircraft?

A Delta Air Lines employee will take the child on board before general boarding begins. This allows time to:

  • Introduce the child to the flight attendants

  • Introduce the child to the cockpit crew, time permitting (kids love this part)

  • Take the child to his or her seat and assist with carry-on items

  • Familiarize the child with the safety features of the aircraft

  • Advise the child of lavatory locations

  • Inform the child if assistance is required to contact a flight attendant and to remain in their seat upon landing as a flight attendant will get them when it is time to deplane
Can Parents or Guardians Board the Aircraft with the Child?

No. Parents and/or Guardians will be asked to say goodbye in the terminal area because access is restricted to ticketed passengers only. We do ask, however, that they stay in the gate area until the child's plane takes off in the event the flight returns to the gate.

Who Will Transfer the Child Traveling Alone from Flight to Flight?

A badged employee will meet the child's arriving flight.

  • If the child's connection time is short, the unaccompanied minor escort will take the child directly to the connecting departure and will escort him or her on board.

  • If the child's layover is longer, the employee will take him or her to the Delta Sky Zone or other secure location, and turn the ticket and the Unaccompanied Minor over to the next Delta Air Lines employee in the room (the employee keeps the child's documentation until it is time to go to the connecting flight). Another employee will escort the child onto the connecting flight at the appropriate time and introduce him or her to the flight attendants.
What Happens if One of the Child's Flights is Delayed and/or Canceled?

If we have any indication that the child(s) flight may not operate as scheduled, we will advise the parents or guardians and suggest that you book travel for another day. If the delay or cancellation occurs enroute, Delta employees will:

  • Rebook your child on the next available departure to their destination.

  • Stay with your child until they can be boarded on an alternate flight.

  • Contact the person at the destination who is designated to pick up the child and/or the person listed as the emergency contact. We will continue to attempt contact until contact is made.

Under very rare circumstances, an overnight may be required (e.g. a major snowstorm). In these situations, we will provide overnight and meal accommodations for your child. And a Delta employee(s) will provide supervision to ensure your child's safety during an overnight stay. You will be contacted with pertinent information if this unusual circumstance occurs.

What if I decline the Unaccompanied Minor Service for My 15 to 17 Year Old?
  • Enrollment in the Delta Air Lines Unaccompanied Minor program is mandatory for children 5 to 14. If you prefer that your 15 to 17 year old travel without supervision, please advise the agent at the time of the reservation and it will be noted. Your child will be expected to handle boarding and deplaning as well as transfers to connecting gates on their own.

  • Remind your teenager never to leave the airport for any reason unless accompanied by a badged Delta employee or uniformed police officer until they have reached their destination city. She or he should never seek help from or leave the airport with strangers.

  • Provide your teenager with instructions, phone contacts and a small amount of money for food in the unlikely event their flight is missed, delayed, canceled or rerouted.

  • Remind your teenager that they can seek the assistance of any Delta employee if they have questions, concerns or need reassurance.

  • Remember most hotels will not accept young people who are not accompanied by an adult.

Air France/KLM

Visit AgentConnect.biz for Air France and KLM's policy information for unaccompanied minors.



Visit alitalia-agent.com for Alitalia's policy information for unaccompanied minors.


Virgin Atlantic

Visit vsflyinghub.com for Virgin Atlantic’s policy information for unaccompanied minors.


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