Onboard Recognition   


Thank You For Being A Business Traveler

Delta’s Corporate Recognition program has been enhanced to include Onboard Recognition - an additional benefit designed to add value to your travelers’ business travel experience.

Delta flight attendants are now empowered with key information to better engage with our corporate customers while in flight with an innovative new tool on their handheld phablet devices in an effort to personalize the travel experience.

With the Guest Service Tool, flight attendants will be able to recognize high-value customers and better serve those on board who may need extra assistance or attention. Recent enhancements also allow the flight attendants to provide customers with the status of down-line flights and connecting gate information.

If you are interested in Delta’s Flight Attendants being aware that your travelers are highly valued corporate customers, simply opt in by visiting the Corporate Priority by Delta Edge application. All current and future recognition programs are optional.

At Delta, each of our 80,000 employees is dedicated to delivering the best-in-class Corporate Traveler Experience in every aspect. Onboard Recognition is just another example of how we go the extra mile to ensure that you and your travelers have what you they need, when you need it.

For additional details regarding this program, please contact your Delta Sales Account Executive.


Terms & Conditions

As part of the Onboard Corporate Recognition program, when a passenger checks in for a Delta flight that was booked using your corporate ticket designator, your traveler will appear as a “Corporate Traveler” on the Inflight Services seat map which is only visible to the Inflight Services crew via the onboard SkyPro digital mobile device. With this information Flight Attendants will be able to greet the corporate traveler by name and thank them for flying with Delta. The company name that you supply during the activation process will NOT appear on the SkyPro or be acknowledged by the Flight Attendant. This message will be available in 12 languages to match check-in preference. You may change your election to participate in the Onboard Corporate Recognition program at any time by visiting the Communications Cockpit on Delta Pro and selecting the Activate or Deactivate button on the Onboard Corporate Recognition benefit page. Please allow up to one week for activation or deactivation.


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