Priority Standby   

Priority Standby

Tie-breaker standby prioritization for your Corporate Travelers.

We know travel plans change as your business needs change. That’s why your travelers will receive tie-breaker prioritization over similarly situated customers not traveling on business when they standby for a flight.



We continue to deliver new ways to prioritize your travelers when they fly Delta. Corporate Priority now extends to Corporate Travelers on the Airport Standby List. We continue doing our best to accommodate your travelers in all phases of their journey.

To be eligible for the Priority Standby benefit, Corporate Travelers must be traveling on a ticket that includes their company’s Corporate Ticket Designator. Please see terms and conditions for more details.


Terms & Conditions:

To be eligible for the Priority Standby benefit, tickets must be purchased via authorized company channels and reflect the company’s unique identifier, known as a Corporate Ticket Designator. Tickets purchased through any other ticketing source will not qualify. Customers traveling on qualifying tickets will receive tie-breaker prioritization over similarly-situated customers not traveling on qualifying tickets when waiting for a seat assignment on the Airport Standby List.

Factors impacting placement Airport Priority Lists may include but are not limited to ticket value, frequent flyer status, and check-in time.

These benefits do not guarantee receiving a seat assignment. Factors and formula for passenger prioritization, including factors used to identify similarly situated passengers, are confidential. Seat assignments and prioritization are in Delta’s sole discretion. Benefits may be suspended without notice during irregular operations. All associated change fees apply.

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