Downgrade and Denied Boarding Prioritization   

Protection from Downgrades and Denied Boarding


Your corporate travelers are our priority in the face of a service disruption. We are able to offer them industry-leading priority, including enhanced prioritization in involuntary downgrade and denied boarding situations when Delta cannot accommodate every ticketed passenger on board or in the cabin of service that was purchased.


Traveling for business shouldn’t be hard work. Even when the unexpected happens, our goal is to make your corporate travelers’ journeys as easy as possible. We offer corporate customers enhanced priority in instances where Delta cannot accommodate every ticketed passenger. We’ll make it a priority to see that they are seated in at least the same cabin of service that was purchased.

Please see terms and conditions below for more details*.


Enhanced prioritization for your Corporate Travelers.

In the unlikely event every confirmed passenger cannot be accommodated on a flight, your corporate travelers recieved enhanced priority in involuntary denied boarding situations. We are working behind the scenes to meet your employees’ needs when the unexpected happens.

Please see terms and conditions below for more details*.

*This benefit does not guarantee that travelers will not be downgraded.  You may change your election to participate in the involuntary downgrade prioritization benefit at any time by contacting your Delta Sales Accounts Executive. Please allow up to one week for deactivation or reactivation.  Benefit subject to change or discontinuation at any time without notice.

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